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Dear Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States,

We are writing to you today as professional physicists and astrophysicists to respond to comments made by Justices in the course of oral arguments of Fisher vs. University of Texas which occurred on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. First, we strongly repudiate the line of questioning from Justice Antonin Scalia based on the discredited Mismatch Theory [1]. Secondly, we are particularly called to address the question from Chief Justice John Roberts about the value of promoting equity and inclusion in our own field, physics.

We share the outrage and dismay already expressed by many other groups and individual scientists over the comments of Justice Scalia, which appear to endorse the claim made in the amicus curiae brief of Heriot and Kirsanow, that affirmative action prevents black people from becoming scientists. We take this opportunity to strongly rebuke this claim and offer a rebuttal.

We object to the use of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields as a paper tiger in the debate over affirmative action. We as professional scientists are in strong support of affirmative action policies. As we work continuously to educate ourselves about the obstacles facing students of color, we see, now more than ever, a need for action.

We are working very hard to solve the ongoing problem of the lack of underrepresented minorities in the professional community of physicists and astronomers. In spite of the misguided claims of Heriot and Kirsanow, that “gaps in academic credentials are imposing serious educational disadvantages on... minority students, especially in the areas of science and engineering,” science is not an endeavor which should depend on the credentials of the scientist. Rather, a good scientist is one who does good science. We hope to push our community towards equity and inclusion so that the community of scientists more closely matches the makeup of humankind, because the process of scientific discovery is a human endeavor that benefits from removing prejudice against any race, ethnicity, or gender. Indeed, science relies heavily on consensus about acceptable results as well as future research directions, making diversity among scientists a crucial aspect of objective, bias-free science [2, 3]. Affirmative action programs that aim to bring the numbers of minority students to more proportional levels are an important ingredient in our ongoing work. Blaming affirmative action for our community’s lack of progress in this regard is not only wrong, it is plainly ignorant of what we as scientists have determined must be done to reform our pedagogical and social structures to achieve the long-delayed goal of desegregation.

Affirmative action is just one part of a larger set of actions needed to achieve social justice within our STEM and education fields. In their brief, Heriot and Kirsanow claim that affirmative action causes fewer minority students to enter technical fields because their completion rates are low. Unlike Heriot and Kirsanow, we are scientists and science educators who are keenly aware that merely adding students to a pipeline is not enough to correct for the imbalance of power. The experience of a minority student in STEM is often much different from that of a white student in STEM [4]. Minority students attending primarily white institutions commonly face racism, biases, and a lack of mentoring. Meanwhile, white students unfairly benefit psychologically from being overrepresented [5]. We argue that it is the social experience of minority students that is more likely to make them drop out, rather than a lack of ability.

Before Justice’s Scalia’s remarks on black scientists, Justice Roberts asked, “what unique perspective does a minority student bring to physics class?” and “What [are] the benefits of diversity… in that situation?” Before addressing these questions directly, we note that it is important to call attention to questions that weren’t asked by the justices, such as, “What unique perspectives do white students bring to a physics class?” and “What are the benefits of homogeneity in that situation?” We reject the premise that the presence of minority students and the existence of diversity need to be justified, but meanwhile segregation in physics is tacitly accepted as normal or good. Instead, we embrace the assumption that minority physics students are brilliant [6] and ask, “Why does physics education routinely fail brilliant minority students?”

This is what we see when we look at a minority student in a majority-white physics class: determination and an ability to overcome obstacles and work hard in stressful environments. We see this because we know that many students from minority backgrounds are subjected to social and political stress from institutionalized racism (past and present), a history of economic oppression, and societal abuse from both micro-aggressions and subtle racism. We believe that it is these qualities that make minority students able to succeed as physics researchers.

The implication that physics or “hard sciences” are somehow divorced from the social realities of racism in our society is completely fallacious. The exclusion of people from physics solely on the basis of the color of their skin is an outrageous outcome that ought to be a top priority for rectification. The rhetorical pretense that including everyone in physics class is somehow irrelevant to the practice of physics ignores the fact that we have learned and discovered all the amazing facts about the universe through working together in a community. The benefits of inclusivity and equity are the same for physics as they are for every other aspect of our world.

The purpose of seeking out talented and otherwise overlooked minority students to fill physics classrooms is to offset the institutionalized imbalance of power and preference that has traditionally gone and continues to go towards white students. Minority students in a classroom are not there to be at the service of enhancing the experience of white students.

We ask that you take these considerations seriously in your deliberations and join us physicists and astrophysicists in the work of achieving full integration and removing the pernicious vestiges of racism and white supremacy from our world.


[1] Harris, Cheryl I., and William C. Kidder. "The Black student mismatch myth in legal education: The systemic flaws in Richard Sander's affirmative action study." Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (2004): 102-105.

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This letter was authored by several members of the Equity & Inclusion in Physics & Astronomy group, and is maintained at this address by Dr. Lia Corrales [lia at space dot mit dot edu]


in random order

1. Maureen Foss, MS, Private Practice
2. Nicole Ackerman, Assistant Professor of Physics, Agnes Scott College
3. Kitchka Petrova, Graduate Student, FSU
4. Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler, PhD, University of Houston
5. Randall Kamien, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
6. Trish Millines Dziko, Executive Director, Technology Access Foundation
7. Teresa Burns, PhD and Professor
8. Stuart Raby, Professor of Physics, The Ohio State University
9. Glenn Corser, Senior Principal Scientist, Retired, BAE Systems
10. Talea L Mayo, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
11. Monika Alem, MD Candidate, Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California
12. Emily Harburg, PhD, Northwestern University
13. Charles A. Wood, PhD, Planetary Science Institute
14. Darren T. Garnier, PhD, Newton Scientific, Inc.
15. Rachel E Scherr, PhD, Seattle Pacific University
16. James D. Oliver III, MD, PhD
17. Marce Abare, MD, MPH, Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical center
18. Catherine Bergeron, High School Physics Teacher, Philadelphia
19. Charles Stephens, MA, TAMUC, CCCC
20. Ryan P. Norris, Graduate Student, Georgia State University
21. Larry Strickler, Educator, Iowa education system retired
22. Gardner Swan, MS, United States Patent and Trademark Office
23. Gerrick Lindberg, Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University
24. Tahir Yusufaly, Postdoc, USC
25. Francis Ge, Biology and studio art student
26. Daniel Evans, PhD, Antelope Valley College
27. Teresa Barnes, PhD, National Renewable Energy Lab
28. David Neilson, PhD, Bell Labs
29. Sheila Hazel, RN, Retired
30. Thomas von Foerster, PhD, Retired, American Institute of Physics
31. Willa N. France, Naval Arcitect and Marine Engineer (BSc); Attorney at Law (JD), Self-employed consultant
32. Benjamin Williams, MS Physics, M-A High School
33. Alejandro L. Garcia, Professor, San Jose State University
34. David Tolchin, Attorney, Jaroslawicz \& Jaros PLLC, New York
35. Chelsea Sharon, Research Associate, Cornell University
36. Charemi A Jones, PhD candidate, City of Chicago
37. Amanda Walker, Aerospace Engineering Student, University of Texas at Austin
38. Kaushala Bandara, PhD
39. Sarthak Jena, Financial Services Professional, Westpoint Financial Group
40. Breylon Riley, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
41. Margaret A Charous, PhD, Retired
42. Susan A. Rabe, Dr., North Park University
43. Jesse Stryker, Graduate student, University of Washington
44. Denise M. McLinden, M. A., Retired
45. Kate Follette, PhD, Stanford University
46. Emma Earl, Senior Computer Technician, Retired IBM
47. Keivan Stassun, Professor of Physics \& Astronomy, Vanderbilt University
48. Laura Prichard, PhD candidate, University of Oxford, UK
49. Brianna Nicole Thorpe, Arizona State University
50. Zoya Vallari, PhD, Stony Brook University
51. Juliana Bol, PhD candidate, Johns Hopkins
52. Bara Safarova, PhD Student in Architecture, Texas A\&M University
53. Gina M. Quan, University of Maryland, College Park
54. Alexis Jeanette
55. Shawn Kenner, PhD
56. Sandra, Teacher, Best Steps Family Child Care, Lakewood,CA
57. Tim Atherton, Assistant Professor of Physics, Tufts University
58. Jennifer Whalen, MS, Physics
59. Mark Silcox, PhD., University of Central Oklahoma
60. Barbara McArthur, Research Scientist, UT Austin
61. Zachary Sharfman, MS, MD candidate
62. Raynald A. Blackwell, Director, Capital Guardian Youth Challenge Academy
63. Jeanette Bushnell, PhD, University of Washington. Seattle
64. Donnie Kost, Secondary Special Education Math Teacher, Central High School
65. Matt Thibault, PMP, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center
66. Duane L. Bindschadler, PhD, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
67. Kailyn Elliott, RN, University of Washington
68. Joshua Teves, B.S. Expected May 2016, College of Charleston
69. Nial Tanvir, Professor, University of Leicester
70. Veronica Claxton
71. Vanessa Bailey, PhD, Stanford University
72. Nicole Acosta, Cloud Computing Evangelist, Cisco
73. Donnell Nichols, Consultant EMI Research, EMI SIG
74. Warren Focke, PhD, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
75. Molly Martin, PhD in progress, University of Miami, RSMAS
76. Jason Dexter, Dr., Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
77. Dylan Gorman, PhD candidate, UC Berkeley, Dept of Physics
78. Andrea Prestwich, PhD, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
79. Robert Bowden, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech
80. Alexander L. Rudolph, PhD, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Cal Poly Pomona
81. Reed Riddle, PhD, Caltech
82. Brett K. Sandercock, Professor, Kansas State University
83. Nathan Waugh, Biophysics Graduate Student, Oregon State University
84. Maria Beck, PhD, University of North Texas, retired
85. Michele Limon, Research Associate, Columbia University
86. David Hanneke, Assistant Professor of Physics, Amherst College
87. Matthew D. Multach, Lifespan/Rhode Island Hospital
88. Cindy Ok, High School Physics Teacher, Manual Arts (LAUSD)
89. James M. Valles, Jr., Professor, Brown University
90. Joseph Megel, Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
91. Van Savage, Associate Professor, UCLA
92. Stephanie Hunte, Educator \& Student Advocate, Doctoral Student - Clark Atlanta Univeristy
93. Shyamoli Chaudhuri Plassmann, PhD, Princeton University Libraries
94. Stephanie Walker, Medical Student, 1st year, UCSD School of Medicine
95. Luca Bombelli, PhD, University of Mississippi
96. Emily L. Rice, PhD, Assistant Professor, College of Staten Island, City University of New York
97. Paul A Williams, Mr., Northwestern University
98. Jay Bowman-Kirigin, MD/PhD student, Washington University in St. Louis Medical Scientist Training Program
99. Bart M. Bartlett, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Michigan
100. Tom Foster, Professor of Physics, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
101. Bruce Barrett Banner, Mathematics and Science Teacher (BS Mathematics)
102. Kirk A Nienaber, MD, Nashville, TN
103. Ann Heinson, PhD, formerly at the University of California, Riverside
104. Carlene Turner, PhD, Norfolk State University
105. Laura Woodney, Professor of Physics, California State Universtiy, San Bernardino
106. David Pontes, MD candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
107. Maryam Hazeghazam, MD PhD, Hospital
108. Charles Windolf, Applied Math/CS Undergrad, Brown University
109. Adam Odeh, Student, University of Arizona
110. Niescja Turner, Zilker Professor of Physics, Trinity University
111. Bala Krishnamoorthy, PhD, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Washington State University
112. Christopher Roberts, PhD Canidate, University of Massachestts - Lowell
113. Matt Mechtley, PhD, Arizona State University
114. Aaron Lopez, BS, UC Santa Cruz
115. Alex Storrs, Prof., Towson Univ.
116. Larissa Rodriguez, Professor, USC
117. Melissa Munroe, MD, PhD, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
118. Benjamin L. Stottrup, Associate Professor, Augsburg College
119. Deborah Jackson, PhD
120. Michael Gutperle, Professor, UCLA
121. Maha Marouan, PhD, Penn State
122. Kenneth D. Cornett, PhD, Principal Scientist, Veeder-Root Company
123. Michael Harold, Inventor
124. Nimarta Chowdhary, Student Researcher, University of Maryland
125. Stamatis Vokos, PhD, Professor of physics, Seattle Pacific University
126. Patrick Crumley, PhD, University of Amsterdam
127. Jason Hempstead, University of Washington
128. Joseph Kimball, PhD, TCU
129. Jason Scott Hamilton, PhD, Elite Sports Psychology,LLC
130. Kevin Long, Professor, Texas Tech University
131. Joanne Hughes Clark, PhD, Seattle University
132. Victor Chudnovsky, PhD, Google
133. Celeste Melamed, PhD Student, Colorado School of Mines
134. Ron Simons, BA, Computer Science, Columbia Univ
135. Joshua Paul Tan, PhD, Pontificia Universidad Cat\'{o}lica de Chile
136. Phil Marshall, PhD, Stanford University
137. Andreas Amann, PhD, Quantum Design, Inc.
138. Denisha McPherson, BS Industrial Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
139. George Furbish, PhD Student, City University of New York
140. Frank X. V\'{a}zquez, PhD, IBM
141. Jina Mendoza
142. Ximena Fern\'{a}ndez, PhD, Rutgers University
143. Daniel Barringer, MS, Penn State
144. Barbara Fishman, PH.D, I am a therapist and a meditation teacher
145. David Brookes, PhD, Physics, California State University Chico
146. Karri Folan DiPetrillo, Physics PhD Student, Harvard University
147. Steven Derek Rountree, PhD, Virginia Tech
148. Teresa Mayer, MD, Th medical center of Auora, Colorado
149. Rochell Isaac, Ph.D., LaGuardia community College
150. Elliot Lipeles, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
151. Steven Dale Theiss, PhD, 3M Company
152. Sharlene Denos, PhD, University of Illinois
153. Ansel Neunzert, PhD student, University of Michigan
154. Marissa Bellino, Science educator, Brooklyn College
155. Joelle Murray, Professor, Linfield College
156. Yingyue Boretz, PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
157. Jessica Metcalfe, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory
158. Colette Salyk, PhD, Vassar College
159. Jonathan McCoy, PhD, Assistant Professor, Colby College
160. Scott Milam, Teacher, Plymouth High School
161. Emily A. Kraus, PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania
162. Jillian Bellovary, Helen Postdoctoral Fellow, American Museum of Natural History
163. Marshall Perrin, Ph.D., Staff Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute
164. Catherine Capello, Professor, Salem State University
165. Jacob Wacker, PhD Physics, Quora, Stanford University
166. Sarah Church, Professor, Stanford University
167. Brian Lewis, J.D., Self Employed
168. Howard Haber, Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz
169. Francisco Garcia, PhD Candidate, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
170. Robert Donohoe, Executive Chef
171. David M. French, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin - Madison
172. Virginia Player, Secondary Physics Teacher, Discovery College
173. David Rosario, PhD, Durham University
174. Elliot Richmond, PhD, Professor, Austin Community College
175. Everardo Olide, BS Student, University of California-Davis
176. Beth Newton Watson, Rev., Indiana University Health
177. Sarah Gallagher, Professor, University of Western Ontario
178. Richard R. Barnett, Science Educator
179. David Lerner, Professor Emeritus, University of Kansas
180. Heather-Lyn Haley, PhD, UMass Medical School
181. J. Sebastian Pineda, PhD Student, Caltech
182. Theresa Brennan-Hochstetler, LMT, MA-C, Seattle Children's Hospital
183. Allison Ho, Student, Pomona College
184. David Gierlach, Musician
185. Michael Maseda, PhD, Leiden University
186. Abhay Shastry, PhD, University of Arizona
187. Kevin Sapp, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
188. Aneesha Badrinarayan
189. Christopher M. Hirata, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, The Ohio State University
190. David Pooley, Professor, Trinity University
191. Tatiana Rodriguez, PhD
192. Holger Meyer, Professor and Director of Physics, Wichita State University
193. Benjamin Geller, PhD, Swarthmore College
194. Christina Fitzsimmons, PhD candidate, UCSF
195. Andy Anderson, Ph.D., Academic Technology Specialist, Amherst College
196. Cristina I. Moody, MS
197. Anthony L. Hutcheson, PhD, NRL
198. Todd Coleman, Professor, Saint Paul College
199. Jorge Noronha, Professor, University of Sao Paulo
200. Nicholas Pik, PhD, University of Liege
201. James MacNaughton, MS, RPA, Independent Contractor
202. Sarah Demers, Associate Professor, Yale University
203. Edgar Ibarra, Undergraduate, University of California Berkeley
204. Faye Hendley Elgart, student, Cornell University
205. Kristine Rezai, Graduate student, Harvard university
206. Stuart Kerridge, PhD, Cal Tech (ret'd)
207. Jean Welsh, MD, Private practice
208. Kalee Tock, MS, Stanford University
209. Glenn Lopez, PhD, CIT Bank
210. Gavin Oliver, Chemistry/Physics Teacher/Tutor, Lane Communtiy College
211. Rashid V. Williams-Garcia, PhD candidate, Indiana University Bloomington
212. Marco Viero, Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD, KIPAC
213. Meredith Durbin, Research and Instrument Analyst, STScI
214. Anand Gnanadesikan, Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
215. Michaele Kashgarian, PhD, LLNL
216. Charlotte Christensen, PhD, Grinnell College
217. Evelyn Van Til, Ms, Ohio Department of Education
218. Scott Menor, PhD, Roambotics, Inc.
219. Marva Berry, STEM Coordinator, The Learning Tree, Inc.
220. William DeGraffenreid, PhD, Professor of Physics and Department Chair, California State University, Sacramento
221. Jason Hancock, Professor, University of Connecticut
222. Melanie Galloway, MS, University of Minnesota
223. Breanna Binder, PhD, University of Washington
224. Fernanda Foertter, ORNL
225. Kimberly Seashore, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
226. Stanlie M. James, Ph.D, Arizona State University
227. Kevin Tian, PhD Student, Harvard University
228. Matthew Titsworth, PhD, University of Texas at Dallas
229. Richard Shagam, PhD, Sandia National Laboratories (retired)
230. Curtis Bennett, Professor of Mathematics, Loyola Marymount University
231. Vivian Houng, MD- family medicine
232. J. Allyn Smith, PhD, Austin Peay State University
233. Timothy D. Morton, PhD, Princeton
234. Thad Szabo, Assistant Professor, Cerritos College
235. Lisa M. Will, PhD
236. Shea Cheatham, Principia College
237. Lauren Aycock, Joint Quantum Institute
238. Jessie MNG Lopez, M.S., CSU, Northridge
239. Felix Alfonso, PhD, Stanford University
240. Natalie Gosnell, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
241. David Whelan, Professor, Austin College
242. Sara Lucatello, PhD, INAF Padova Astronomical Observatory, Italy
243. Jeanne A. Hardy, PhD, Associate Professor, UMass Amherst
244. Erick J. Guerra, Chairperson, Physics \& Astronomy, Rowan University
245. Dr. Vincent Sulkosky, University of Virginia
246. Andrew Ferreira, Teacher, Thomas Edison CTE High School
247. Eric Rowley, Ph.D., Wright State University
248. Sharon Sessions, PhD, New Mexico Tech
249. Maurice Wilson, B.Sc. Student, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
250. Jennifer Rittenhouse West, MS, PhD student, University of California Irvine
251. James Tucci, PhD Candidate, Purdue University
252. Karen Blitz Shabbir, DO, Holy Name Hospital
253. Enrique Suarez, MS, CU Boulder
254. Samuel Cohen, Associate Professor, University of Oxford
255. Gregory Mosby, Jr., University of Wisconsin-Madison
256. Lisa Storrie-Lombardi, PhD, Caltech
257. Jeyhan Kartaltepe, Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
258. Emmet Golden-Marx, Graduate Student, BU
259. Imran Khundkar, J.D. Candidate, UC Irvine School of Law
260. Teresa Bixby, Assistant Professor - Physical Chemistry, Lewis University
261. Mark Neyrinck, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
262. Rebekah Dawson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Penn State
263. Steven Greenstein, PhD, Montclair State University
264. Lindia Willies-Jacobo, MD-Professor of Pediatrics, UCSD
265. Michael Kaufman, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Physics \& Astronomy, San Jose State University
266. Matt Block, Professor, Sacramento State (CSUS)
267. Nadeen White, MD
268. Peter Steinberg, PhD, Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory
269. David Cauffman, PhD, retired industry chief scientist
270. Jessica Esquivel, Graduate Student, PhD Physics, Syracuse University
271. Lee Anne Willson, PhD and University Professor Emerita, Iowa State University
272. Owen Anderson, Retired Professor, Bucknell University
273. Jonathan Ouellet, PhD, MIT
274. Johanna Teske, PhD, Carnegie Institution of Science
275. Dorothy, instructor, retired
276. Keely Finkelstein, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
277. Melody Schiaffino, PhD, MPH, SDSU
278. Nathan A. Quarderer, Science \& Math Instructor, Northeast Iowa Community College
279. William Brown, PhD, Research Scientist
280. John G Laramee
281. Patricia Carroll, PhD candidate, University of Washington
282. Janet Glocker, 4th grade Public education teacher, Minneapolis
283. Walter Nogay, MEd, physics teacher, Fairfax Ccounty Public Schools
284. Mark Allen Moore, MS, Indiana University
285. Jose Negrete JR, Dr. Rer. Nat (PhD), Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
286. Ashley R. Carter, Assistant Professor of Physics, Amherst College
287. Joel S. Pendery, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
288. Suzanne Brahmia, Professor, Rutgers University
289. Mark Richardson, PhD, University of Oxford
290. Lisa Tran, MS, University of Pennsylvania
291. Sarah Tuttle, Researcher, University of Texas at Austin
292. Zahra Khan, Student, Rutgers University
293. Amber Johnson, MS, University of Maryland
294. Douglas Cowen, Professor of Physics, Penn State
295. Brittany Burton, MS II, UCSD School of Medicine
296. Dick Marti, MS, retired biologist, USDA, Retired from USDA
297. Benjamin Ripman, Senior Accelerator Operator, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
298. Francis W. Starr, Professor of Physics; Director of the College of Integrative Sciences, Wesleyan University
299. Bill Kelly, Fine art image
300. Hayya Mintz, Counseling Psychologist, Lehman Alternative Community School
301. Camilla Schneier, Student, University of Pennsylvania
302. Sharon Cheryl Onga Nana, Law student, Roger Williams University School of Law
303. Robert Tate, Project Manager, AT\&T
304. Ugochukwu Nze, PhD Student, University of Utah
305. Myriam P. Sarachik, Distinguished Prof of Physics, City College of New York, CUNY
306. M. Virginia McSwain, PhD, Lehigh University
307. Duncan Watts, MA, Johns Hopkins University
308. D. P. Siddons, Dr., Brookhaven Nat. Lab.
309. Marios Karouzos, Postdoctoral Researcher, Seoul National University
310. Kira Grogg, PhD, Harvard Medical School
311. Joshua W Knight, PhD, retired
312. Rachel Reddick, PhD, Robert Bosch LLC
313. Kidada Gilbertt-Lexis, MD, MPH, MLD Pathology
314. William J. Fischer, PhD, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
315. Kedward Reyes
316. Annika Peter, Professor, The Ohio State University
317. D. Curtis Showers, Deacon, From our home.
318. Marc M. Mahan, Photographer, Retired
319. Kate Baker, MS., Retired
320. Marco Bairy Jesi, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
321. Thomas Hill, Professor Emeritus, Rice University
322. Scott Sahlman, MS, NASA
323. Chi Ho Chan, PhD candidate, Johns Hopkins University
324. Ashley Villar, PhD Student, Harvard
325. Larry R. Nittler, PhD, Carnegie Institution
326. Martin Bergoffen, MS Physics, University of Colorado, Wheaton High School Physics Teacher
327. Neal N. Oza, PhD, US Army Research Lab
328. Adam Smercina, PhD Student, University of Michigan
329. Martijn Mulders, PhD, CERN
330. Eric Hooper, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
331. Nathan Nakatsuka, MDPhD student at Harvard Medical School, Systems Biology PhD program
332. Michelle Dolinski, Assistant Professor, Drexel University
333. Rodney Hopson, Professor, George Mason University
334. Dan Spiegel, Professor, Trinity University
335. Sarah Brosnan, PhD
336. Matthew Stevans, MS, Univ. of Texas - Austin
337. Martin Forsythe, PhD
338. Justin Steinfadt, PhD
339. Omar Eaton-Mart\'{i}nez
340. Phyllis Terry Friedman, PhD, Clinical Professor, Saint Louis University
341. Kerstin Perez, Professor, Haverford College
342. Melissa Hirsch, MD/MPH Student, Previous High School Chemistry Teacher, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine
343. Michelle Francl, Professor of Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College
344. Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado, PhD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
345. T. Brian Bunton, PhD, Associate Professor of Physics, Coastal Carolina University
346. Jennifer Strauss, PhD Physics, UC Berkeley
347. Brooke Haag, PhD, Harvard Graduate School of Education
348. Raissa Landor, Ms., Wright College
349. Elizabeth Grace, Reed College
350. Erik Daehler, MS Space Systems, BA Physics, The Boeing Company
351. Natalie Ferraiolo, 4th Year Medical Student, UC San Diego School of Medicine
352. Kenneth Tyler, PhD, University of Kentucky
353. James Peacock, PhD, Duke University Medical Center
354. Nicholas E. Thornburg, PhD of Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University
355. Sean Decker, Mr, Chevron Stations Inc.
356. Jacob Disston, MS, Math/Science Teacher Credential Program Director, Graduate School of Education, U.C. Berkeley
357. John Caraher, Associate Professor of Physics \& Astronomy, DePauw University
358. William Carter, PhD, HRL Laboratories, LLC
359. Theron Carmichael, PhD student, Harvard University
360. Martha Gross, PhD candidate, University of Texas at Austin
361. Lee Walsh, PhD candidate, University of Massachusetts
362. Jane Burnett, PhD, Victor Valley College
363. Mayur Mudigonda, PhD Student, UC Berkeley
364. Eva Peterson, Ed.D., retired
365. Garrett Somers
366. Daniel Fernandez, Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc.
367. Tina Le, PhD, First Rate, Inc.
368. Fleda Mask Jackson, PhD
369. Lauren Hetherington, PhD candidate, University of Toronto
370. Rayco Branch, MSW, M.Ed
371. Laura Watkins, PhD, Space Telescope Science Institute
372. N. Joiner, Utah State University
373. Katy Garmany, PhD, NOAO
374. Aaron Hagerstrom, PhD, University of Maryland
375. Krishan Aghi, PhD student, University of California, Berkeley
376. Andrew Magyar, PhD, Penn State
377. Gautham Narayan, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, National Optical Astronomy Observatory \& The University of Arizona
378. David Winogradoff, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
379. David Garrison, PhD, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Houston Clear Lake
380. Alice Olmstead, MS, University of Maryland, Department of Astronomy
381. Kurt Truong, DDS, MSD, Pediatric Dentist
382. Kayla Furukawa, Female BS in Physics graduate, Blueprint Consulting Services
383. Deborah Teramis Christian, BA, Sociology, Independent Scholar
384. Krishna Myneni, M.Sc. Physics
385. Helene Flohic, Professor, University of the Pacific
386. Jason Harris, Business Intelligence Senior Analyst, The Hartford (Dartmouth College graduate)
387. Brianna M. Smart, MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison
388. Alfred B. Bortz, PhD, Self-employed science writer
389. Jessica L Ware, Assistant Professor, PhD, Rutgers University
390. Fatma Mili, Professor, Purdue University
391. Catherine Murphy, The Pennsylvania State University
392. James Rovira, PhD, English, Tiffin University
393. Carlene Neal, MSW, Columbia University- class of 75
394. Shulamith Freedman, MSEd, CUNY Lehman College
395. Jordan Sickle, Academic Hourly, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
396. David Robert Bergman, PhD, Exact Solution Scientific Consulting LLC
397. Edmond Cheung, PhD, Kavli IPMU
398. Michael W. Busch, Research Scientist, SETI Institute
399. Yvette Aguilar, Attorney, JD, City of Corpus Christi
400. Kristina Looper, MS, The Ohio State University
401. Daniel Aharoni, Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA
402. Catherine Landrum, BSN RN B-C, PHN, Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA
403. Edward S. Grood, Emeritus Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
404. Al Thompson, PhD, retired
405. Rachael Livermore, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
406. Meleata Pinto, MBA, Lenovo
407. Leo Piilonen, Professor, Virginia Tech
408. Hyman Bass, Distinguished Univ. Prof. of Mathematics \& Mathematics Education, University of Michigan
409. Jennifer Hathaway, Fine Artist
410. May Palace, Student
411. Gabriel Dima, MS, University of Hawaii
412. Sami Atif, PhD, Phillips Exeter Academy
413. Susan Singley, Ms., Education
414. Jack Streete, PhD, Rhodes College (retired)
415. Susan D Kost, PhD, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
416. Eric Corwin, Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Oregon
417. Suzanne Casement, PhD Astrophysics, Northrop Grumman Corporation
418. Sara Stanchfield, PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
419. Kelsey Hallinen, PhD student, University of Michigan
420. Valerie Hood
421. Michael Kemp, BS Math, Owner of HCS Group, Inc
422. Shirley Ho, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
423. Mark Cryer, Associate Professor, Hamilton College
424. Ian G Thompson, Facilities Engineer Sr., Lockheed Martin Space Systems
425. Racquel Sherwood, PhD, Yale University
426. Albert K Henning, PhD, Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems
427. Lauren Chai, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
428. Bradly Alicea, PhD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
429. Kenneth Stephen Birch, Associate Professor, Boston College
430. Angela Speck, Professor, University of Missouri
431. Andrea French, JD, RN, MS Informatics student (decided against a physics engineering degree in 1989 due to racism), Lockheed Martin
432. Andy Johnson, PhD, Black Hills State University
433. Jennifer Mount, PhD, Texas State University
434. Eleanor Cawthon, STEM PhD student, University of California, Berkeley
435. Benjamin Horowitz, UC Berkeley
436. Tamara Y. Washington, MSEE, North Carolina A\&T State University, Engineer
437. Lee Samuel Finn, Professor, The Pennsylvania State University
438. Rachel Bezanson, PhD, University of Arizona
439. Emily Freeland, PhD, Stockholm University
440. Gregory Feiden, PhD, Uppsala University
441. Harry Levine, PhD Student, Harvard
442. Jonathan Williams, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
443. Michael Page, PhD, Associate Professor, Cal Poly Pomona University
444. Dan Burns, Mr., Los Gatos High School
445. Ammar Husain, UC Berkeley
446. Edwin Ladd, Professor, Bucknell University
447. Paul T. Winfield, PhD, WOFN, Non-Profit
448. Rosalie McGurk, PhD Astrophysics, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Germany
449. Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, PhD, University of Colorado Boulder
450. Justin T. Schultz, PhD candidate, University of Rochester
451. Ali Bramson, University of Arizona
452. Ernesto Calleros, Mathematics PhD Student, Rice University Mathematics Department
453. Anashe Bandari, MS, College of William \& Mary
454. Samson Black, PhD, Mathematics, Pacific Northwest College of Art
455. Suzanne M. Cohen, Adjunct Professor, Seattle University
456. Erik Shirokoff, Asst. Professor, University of Chicago
457. Matthew Penny, Postdoctoral Fellow, The Ohio State University
458. Darya Filippova, PhD, Principal Scientist, Roche Sequencing Unit
459. Benjamin P. Brau, Associate Profesor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
460. Adrian B. Lucy, Graduate Fellow, Dept. of Astronomy, Columbia University
461. Natalie Santiago, MD, FAAP (Board certified pediatrician)
462. Matthew Bayliss, Professor, Colby College
463. Timothy B. Hayward, PhD candidate, William and Mary
464. Gwen N. Westerman, PhD, Distinguished Faculty Scholar, Minnesota State University, Mankato
465. Judith DeBose, MD
466. Jeffrey Silverman, PhD, University of TX at Austin
467. James Gunton, Professor of Physics, Lehigh University
468. Adam Johnston, Professor, Weber State University
469. Benjamin Beamer, MS, Stony Brook University
470. David Reiss, PhD, Scientific Arts
471. Quyen Nguyen Hart, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics \& Astronomy, Regis University
472. Bryan J. Field, Assistant Professor of Physics, Farmingdale State College
473. Risa Wechsler, Professor, Stanford University
474. Nancy E. Soule, Ms, RSU 68/Maine
475. Lauren M Taylor, Director of Educator Associates, American Inst of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Bay Area Chapter
476. Stephen Kanim
477. Jeremy Templeton, Phd, Sandia labs
478. Craig DeForest, PhD, Southwest Research Institute
479. Anna Marie Lubonski, ParaProfessional, Haverford High
480. Reina Maruyama, Assistant Professor of Physics, Yale University
481. Nicole Carlson, PhD, Shiftgig
482. Steven Villanueva Jr, The Ohio State University
483. Maya Price, Student at Michigan Technological University
484. Enrique Gamez, PhD Student, University of Michigan
485. Paul Gallagher, PhD candidate, Mathematics, MIT
486. Andrew Baden, Professor and Chair, University of Maryland, College Park
487. Kimberly Cartier, MS in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Penn State University
488. Colby Childress, Optical Engineer, Varroc Lighting Systems
489. Annette Suggs, TESL Educator, Kanto Kokusai High School
490. David Schmeltzer, Professor of Condensed Matter Theory, CCNY
491. John Gizis, Professor, University of Delaware
492. Enrique Rueda
493. Janice Hudgings, Seeley H. Mudd Professor of Physics, Pomona College
494. Sangeeta Malhotra, Prof., Arizona State University
495. Robert W. Seidel, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota
496. Ellen Mink, Professor, KCTCS
497. Aniketa Shinde, PhD, California Institute of Technology
498. Thomas Leith, AB Candidate in Astrophysics, Harvard College
499. Othell Begay, BA Biology, N/A
500. Olga A. V\'{a}squez, Associate Professor, University of California San Diego
501. Molly Wassermann, Senior Research Associate, The Metropolitan Opera
502. Lafe Spietz, PhD, Boulder Applied Physics, inc.
503. Jean Turner, Professor, UCLA Physics \& Astronomy
504. Humberto Gilmer, MS Student, The Ohio State University
505. Darryll Pines, PhD, Professor and Dean of Engineering, University of Maryland
506. Narayanan Menon, Professor, Physics Dept, University of Massachusetts
507. Bobby Rolison, Medical Doctor, Mathematician UT Austin '98, Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane QLD Australia
508. Sam Zeller, PhD, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
509. Victor Madge, Architect
510. Jay Banks
511. Elisabeth Krause, PhD, Stanford
512. Bobbie DeCuir, PhD, University of Louisiana
513. Lila Roberts, PhD, Professor and Dean of the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences, Clayton State University
514. Salvatore Rappoccio, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
515. Ben Keller, PhD Candidate, McMaster University
516. Kerkira Stockton, Graduate Students in Nuclear Physics, University of Washington
517. Antonio Maceo, MSEE, Capitol Technology University
518. Aleksey Generozov, Columbia University
519. Kisha Delain, M.S., University of St. Thomas
520. Joseph Reichert, PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania
521. Gergely Zimanyi, Professor of Physics, University of California, Davis
522. Kathryn Spitzer Kim, Certified Genetic Counselor, Stanford University
523. Dima Kamalov, MS, SFSU
524. Joshua Parker, PhD, US Army Corps of Engineers
525. Ivelina Momcheva, PhD, Space Telescope Science Institute
526. Cecilia Tung, High School Physics Teacher, The Northwest School
527. Eugene Beier, Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania
528. Kanene Ubesie, MD, Dallas, Texas
529. Daniel Holzman-Tweed, M.S., North Shore LIJ
530. Alberto Conto, PhD Astrophysics, Northrop Grumman Aerospace
531. Jason E. Ybarra, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor, Bridgewater College
532. David Dethmers, MA, MPP
533. Alexandra Abate, University of Arizona
534. Evan Thomas, MSc, Univeersity of British Columbia
535. Kristen Engle, MD, Self employed
536. Philipp Moesta, Dr., UC Berkeley
537. Sammy Little, Ms., Self employed
538. Molly Peeples, PhD, Space Telescope Science Institute
539. Sara Breslow, PhD
540. Eileen S. Vergino, MIT '77, Geophysics, Retired, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (38 years)
541. James Holmes, MS, Educational Technology, Stanford University
542. Ryan Hastings, PhD, National Severe Storms Laboratory
543. Michelle Higgins, MS Physics, University of Arizona
544. Monika Kress, Professor of Physics \& Astronomy, San Jose State University
545. Thomas O. Walton, Doctoral Student, University of Washington
546. Laura Lembke, 6th grade Science/STEM Teacher, Augusta County Schools, Staunton VA
547. James Cummings, UrbanPromise Ministries
548. Vicky, Professor, Northwestern University
549. Katja Poppenhaeger, PhD, Assistant Professor, Queen's University Belfast
550. Tricia M. Tynan, PhD, Arizona Oncology Associates
551. Jan Cami, Professor, The University of Western Ontario
552. Ashley Baker, PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania
553. Joshua Hignight, PhD, Michigan State University
554. Nick Raykovich, BS Mathematics / ME Professional Development, Madison West HIgh School
555. William Carpenter, PhD candidate, University of Chicago
556. David Spergel, Professor and Chair, Princeton University
557. Shandre Delaney, Grassroots Activist, Abolitionist Law Center
558. Shanna Brown
559. Rachel Winter, Undergraduate Student, Hamline University
560. Julie Shoemaker, Asst. Professor of Earth Science, Lesley University
561. David Kastor, Senior Lecturer, UMass, Amherst
562. Stephan Frank, Postdoctoral Researcher, The Ohio State University
563. Diana Parno, Acting Assistant Professor, University of Washington
564. William Wilkin, Harvard University
565. Matthew Drake, High School Physics Teacher, Palmer High School, Massachusetts
566. Roger Gonnering, MSEE, MSCS, MBA
567. Sandy Grande, Chair, Education Department
568. Carl Ferkinhoff, Assistant Professor, Winona State University
569. Larry Seiple, BS Botany Research Assoc., U.C. Berkeley, retired
570. Alex McCormick, PhD, Instructor, University of South Florida
571. Mitchell Struble, Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania
572. Colleen Nyeggen, High School Physics Teacher, Lick-Wilmerding High School, San Francisco
573. Daniel Stolarski, PhD, CERN
574. Tanya Berger-Wolf, PhD, Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
575. John Hoffman, MS, Princeton University
576. Brian W Taylor, M.S. Physics, Boston University
577. Kemal Sobotkiewich, Grad Student, Ut Austin
578. Robert S. Mahurin, PhD, Middle Tennessee State University
579. Davida Brown, PhD, George Fox University
580. Peter B. Boyce, Past Executive Officer, American Astronomical Society
581. Oba William King, ED.Ent 91' ... dec2015 sats 2p, Chicago History Museum
582. Jennifer Cano, PhD, Princeton Center for Theoretical Science
583. Gabrielle Mehta, Student, Pomona College
584. TR Hummer, Professor, Arizona State University
585. Nicole Gugliucci, Assistant Professor, Saint Anselm College
586. Olivia D, Target Corporation
587. Erin Kraal, PhD, Kutztown University
588. Christopher Bennett, phd, Georgia Institute of Technology
589. Paul J. Camp, Dr., Georgia Gwinnett College
590. Joseph Gaalaas, BS Physics, MS Engineering, Bose Corporation
591. Evalyn Gates, PhD, Executive Director and CEO, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
592. Lynford Goddard, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
593. Klaus-Michael Aye, PhD, LASP, CU Boulder
594. Paul D'Alessandris, Professor of Physics and Engineering Science, Monroe Community College
595. Soenke Moeller, UC Berkeley
596. Jennifer Cash, Professor of Physics, South Carolina State University
597. Elizabeth Behrman, professor of mathematics and physics, Wichita State University
598. Erin Quealy, PhD, Napa Valley College
599. Elisabeth Berger Bolaza, MPH and PhD student, California Institute of Integral Studies
600. Roy Gal, Associate Astronomer, University of Hawaii
601. Michelle Collins, Lecturer, University of Surrey
602. William Detmold, MIT
603. Slavko Bogdanov, PhD, Columbia University
604. Roger A. Freedman, Lecturer in Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara
605. Donna Kountoupes, teacher, retired
606. Kenna D. S. Lehmann, PhD candidate, Mighican State University
607. Javier F. Boyas, PhD, The University of Mississippi
608. Bryan Mendez, PhD, University of California at Berkeley
609. Heather N. Richardson, PHD, University of Massachusetts Amherst
610. Eric Hauck, MS Entomology, Woodland High School
611. Jacqueline Monkiewicz, PhD candidate, Arizona State University
612. Ted Brzinski, Post Doctoral Research Associate, NC State University, Department of Physics
613. Elliot Kaplan, PhD, Institut des Sciences de la Terre
614. Duane M. Jackson, PhD., Morehouse College
615. Emily Kading, Grad Student, UConn
616. Kenneth Bloom, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
617. Danika Painter, PhD, Health Canada
618. Walter Allen Jr, PhD, Primavera Online High School - The American Virtual Academy
619. Howard L. Smith, PhD, University of Texas San Antonio
620. Jonathan Friedman, Professor of Physics, Amherst College
621. Leif Segen, Physicist and physics teacher, John F. Kennedy Memorial High School
622. David Talaga, Professor, Montclair State University
623. Jacob Hummel, PhD Student, The University of Texas at Austin
624. Alessondra Springmann, MSc, Lunar \& Planetary Laboratory, Department of Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona
625. Travis Merritt, PhD, Virginia Tech
626. Steve Stepanski, Geologist
627. Giordon Stark, Physics PhD candidate, University of Chicago
628. Kerry Hensley, Graduate student, Boston University
629. John Unverferth, Grad Student, Montana State University
630. Sheldon Campbell, PhD, University of California, Irvine
631. Mylo Egipciaco, Professor, LACCD/Southwest \& Pierce
632. Kate Thedell, Parent and paraeducator, Avani High School
633. Stephanie Majkut, PhD, Nath, Goldberg \& Meyer
634. Kimberly A Shaw, Full Professor of Physics, Columbus State University
635. Lee Aspitarte, PhD, Oregon State University
636. Dawn Erb, Professor, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
637. Maria Luisa Pineda, PhD, CEO of Envisagenics, Inc. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
638. Ehsan Khatami, Assistant Professor, San Jose State University
639. Benjamin P. Kellman, PhD, UC, San Diego
640. Linda Green, PhD Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology
641. Matthew Lightman, PhD
642. Sumitro Huff, MiT, Rainier Scholars
643. Dr. Benjamin Weiner, University of Arizona, Steward Observatory
644. Travis Miles, Professor, Rutgers University
645. Charles La Rosa, Educator, Brattleboro Union High School
646. Matthew Irvin Brookhart, PhD, Intel Corp
647. Tammy Smecker-Hane, Associate Professor, University of California, Irvine
648. Martin E. Cobern, VP, R\&D - retired, APS Technology, Inc.
649. Okey Enyia, Scholar-Activist, Capitol Hill
650. Michaela Levin, PhD in Neuroscience, Harvard Boston Children's Hospital
651. Douglas Caldwell, PhD Research Astrophysicist, SETI Institute
652. Michele Stark, PhD, University of Michigan-Flint
653. Alexander Gil, PhD, Columbia University
654. Adelita Mendoza, PhD candidate, Northwestern University
655. John Ruan, University of Washington
656. Jo Pitesky, PhD, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
657. David Kaplan, Assoc. Professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
658. Giada Arney, MS, University of Washington
659. Marcelo Jaime, PhD, Los Alamos National Laboratory
660. Shaojun Luo, PhD, City College of New York
661. Lauren D. Thomas, PhD, University of Washington
662. Katherine E. Browne, Professor, Colorado State Unversity
663. Eleanor Sayre, PhD, Kansas State University
664. Abigail C Shockley, PhD
665. Ashley, Student, Agnes Scott College
666. Kevin Rathunde, Shoku-cho (manager), Aisin ELectronic of Illinois LLC
667. Perry Rice, Professor, Miami University
668. Wangui Hymes, student, Spelman
669. Benjamin Richardson, PhD Student, UIC
670. Cacey Stevens, PhD, Duke University
671. Alex Dzinbal, NA/ME Engineering Student, Webb Institute
672. Peter Galison, Professor, Harvard University
673. Maryam Modjaz, Professor, NYU
674. Daniel Harlow, PhD, Harvard University
675. Elizabeth Wilkes, Mrs
676. Jeffrey Grover, PhD, MIT
677. Andrew A Cooper, Teaching Assistant Professor of Mathematics, North Carolina State University
678. Colin Hayes, M.S., MEd, Northside College Preparatory High School
679. Erika Houtz, PhD, California DTSC Environmental Chemistry Lab
680. Mason Porter, Prof., University of Oxford
681. Patrick J. Tool, Student, George Washington University
682. Martin Fraas, PhD
683. Robert Sparks, M.S. Science Education Specialist, National Optical Astronomy Observatory
684. Ariel Weaver, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Louisville
685. Aaron Pearlman, PhD
686. Donghui Jeong, Professor, Penn State
687. Charles D. Hoyle, Professor of Physics \& Astronomy, Humboldt State University
688. Neill Reid, Dr., STScI
689. Chandriker Dass, PhD
690. Chieze Ibeneche-Nnewihe, PhD
691. Jessica Dwyer, Professional, Health Care
692. Wanda Ashman
693. Nicholas Timmons, University of California, Irvine
694. Anne Goodsell, PhD, Middlebury College
695. Haris A. Durrani, B.S./MPhil, Columbia University/University of Cambridge
696. Stephen Sadler, PhD
697. Danielle Lucero, PhD, NRAO
698. Edward Burns, MS, Texas Woman's University
699. Rita Wells, Iowa State University
700. Elizabeth Bajema, PhD candidate, Northwestern University
701. Gregory Mace, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
702. Philip F Meads Jr, PhD, retired
703. Megan Donahue, Professor, Michigan State u
704. Jocelyn Read, Asst Professor, California State University Fullerton
705. Leah Huk Griffith, Astrophysics graduate student, PhD candidate, University of Denver
706. Mark Palmer, It's All Live
707. Andrew J. Davis, PhD, Priory School of St .Louis
708. Desika Narayanan, Professor, Haverford College
709. Robert Phillips, Dr., PE, PE, D.Eng, Retired
710. Beverly Stewart, MS Education, Kindergarten Teacher, Alexandria City Public Schools, Alexandria, VA
711. James H Price, Professor, Texas Wesleyan University
712. Mark G. Vasquez, PhD, Schwartz Law Firm PLLC
713. Cheryl Nahmias, Ms., Decatur High School
714. Shankar Kumar, PhD, Biotech Startup
715. Heather Bloemhard, AAS
716. James Correia Jr, PhD, University of Oklahoma
717. Stephanie Castillo, JD Student, Santa Clara University School of Law
718. Sarah Rugheimer, PhD
719. Nestor Guillen, PhD (University of Texas), University of Massachusetts
720. Jeffrey Filippini, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
721. Eric Suchyta, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
722. Markus Luty, Professor, University of California, Davis
723. Julie Benton, PhD
724. Ayana Arce, Assistant Professor of Physics, Duke University
725. Kristine Washburn, Professor of Physics, Everett Community College
726. T. Elon Dancy, PhD, University of Oklahoma
727. Valerie Connaughton, PhD, Universities Space Research Association
728. Peter Teuben, PhD, U of Maryland
729. Dafna Wu, Nurse Practitioner, SF Dept of Public Health
730. Bruce Farah, Mr., Springfield Public Schools
731. August Muench, PhD, American Astronomical Society
732. Rachel Olzer, PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
733. Gopal Narayanan, PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
734. Margaret A. Jacobson, MD, Peacehealth St. Joseph Medical Center
735. David Dodsworth, Physics PhD Student, Brandeis University
736. Kevin Baptista, Accenture
737. Matthew Buckley, Professor, Rutgers University
738. Robin McCown, MS, Boise State University
739. Alyssa Barlis, Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania
740. Aomawa Shields, NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA/Harvard
741. Amalia Castonguay, Oak Crest Institute of Science
742. Patrick Morgan, Physics Outreach Coordinator, Michigan State University
743. Sabine Lammers, Associate Professor, Indiana University
744. Trina L. Coleman, PhD, Hampton University
745. Eric D. Miller, PhD, MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
746. Kenneth L. Graham, PhD, Senior Research Engineer, Digital Reasoning Systems
747. Michael Rutkowski, PhD, University of Minnesota
748. Tamara F Isaacs-Smith, MS, Research Associate IV, Auburn University
749. Gordon Watts, Professor, University of Washington
750. John Johnson, Professor, Harvard
751. Aleksandra Safonova, Research Assistant, University of Arizona
752. James Rhoads, Professor, Arizona State University
753. Silviu Pufu, Assistant Professor, Princeton University
754. Hans Robinson, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech
755. Richard Hallstein, Instructor, Michigan State University
756. Thaddeus Dobey, MSHA, FDA
757. Eric Toberer, Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines
758. Gregory Rudnick, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, University of Kansas
759. Jaime Gonzalez, Pharm.D, Hospital
760. Antonino Cucchiara, PhD, Space Telescope Science Institute
761. Dennis Shields, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
762. Sam Towers, MS, Northern Michigan University
763. John Lucido, PhD
764. David Atkinson, Graduate Student, UMass Amherst
765. Andrea Maccio, Associate professor of physics, New york university
766. Elizabeth McGrath, Professor, Colby College
767. Susan Korbel, PhD, Core Research
768. Genevi\'{E}ve de Messi\'{E}res, PhD
769. Bodhitha Jayatilaka, PhD, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
770. Krista Lewicki, M.S., Wildlife Biology, U.S. Geological Survey
771. Razi Abdur-Rahman, MS.Ed, Brooklyn Friends School
772. Benjamin Stuhl, PhD, Space Dynamics Laboratory
773. Michael Jewell, Physics Major, Wayne State University
774. Jessica Ennis, MS, Augsburg College
775. Ilana Percher, PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota
776. Anna Carter, PhD, Science in Society Group, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
777. Sarah Martell, Dr, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
778. Josh Taton, PhD cand, math education; BA, math, UPenn
779. David Hopped, University of Pennsylvania
780. Ian T. Durham, PhD, Professor and Chair of Physics, Saint Anselm College
781. Steven Drapcho, PhD Student, UC Berkeley
782. Alison Sweeney, assistant professor, University of Pennsylvania
783. Carolyn Brinkworth, PhD, National Center for Atmospheric Research
784. Prash Sesh, MS, UC Los Angeles
785. R. Frank Polk, OD, Faculty Member, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
786. Eric Quintero, Graduate Student, CalTech
787. Wesley T Fuhrman, PhD candidate, Johns Hopkins University
788. Lara Kassab, Ed.D., Adjunct Professor of Teacher Education, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
789. Spencer Gessner, PhD, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
790. Robert B Lynch, PhD Professor, U.C. Davis
791. Brooke D. Simmons, PhD; Einstein Fellow, University of California, San Diego
792. William Crawford, MS in Physics, Los Angeles Harbor College
793. Paul DeCunzo, Science Educator; NGSS Teacher facilitator, California State University, Northridge (CSUN)
794. Ann Nelson, Professor of Physics, University of Washington
795. Fletcher White, Professor, Indiana University
796. Javier Garcia, PhD, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
797. Jolie Glaser, Physics \& Environmental Science Teacher, Green Valley High School, Henderson, Nevada
798. Andreas Faisst, Postdoc
799. Ken Muir, PhD, AppState
800. Ben Zurkow
801. Joshua H. Shiode, PhD
802. Catherine Grant, PhD, MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
803. Louis J. Jisonna Jr., PhD, Professor, Physical Sciences, Lone Star College - North Harris
804. Fergal Mullally, Phd., SETI/NASA Ames
805. Rev. Dr. Georgiana Kugle, Retired Clergy
806. Nina Trivedi, PhD, Royal College of Art
807. Shannon Glavin, University of Pennsylvania
808. Mark Hoover, Ph.D., University of Michigan
809. Kazuo Gotow, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Virginia Tech
810. Yvette G Flores, PhD, UC Davis
811. Ryan Cybulski, PhD Student, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
812. John Zinke, MD, MD, Retired
813. Kate Burleson, City University of New York - City College
814. Jennifer L. Hoffman, PhD, Associate Professor of Physics \& Astronomy, University of Denver
815. Patrick Charbonneau, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Duke University
816. Rita Falbel, Retired from Weill Cornell Medical College
817. Frank Morton-Park, MA
818. Jude T. Socrates, PhD Caltech;, Pasadena City College
819. Mohan Srinivasarao, Professor, Georgia Insitute of Technology
820. Andr\'{e}s L\'{o}pez-Sepulcre, PhD, CNRS
821. Robert Blum, PhD, Deputy Director, NOAO
822. Mary Clapp, PhD Student, University of California, Davis
823. Stacey Alberts, PhD, Steward Observatory
824. Andrew Eichmann, Research Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
825. John S. Watson Jr., Natural Resource Protection Professional, D\&R Greenway Land Trust
826. Norm Cunningham, Lay person., In a confused and troubled world.
827. James Hesser, Director Emeritus, NRC Canada
828. Kevin McDermott, PhD student, Cornell University
829. Emily Quinty, Physics Education Research Faculty, University of Colorado at Boulder
830. Khin Maung Maung, Professor, The University of Southern Mississippi
831. Christina Krawiec, University of Pennsylvania
832. Nichole Harris, MS, Medical Physicist
833. Mary Ahmann, Faculty, Minneapolis Community and Technical College
834. Crystal Patteson, student, Appalachian State University
835. Zachary Marshall, Divisional Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
836. John Hewitt, Assistant Professor, University of North Florida
837. Johanna-Laina Fischer, MS (soon to be PhD), University of Pennsylvania
838. Tina Cheuk, Graduate Student, Stanford Graduate School of Education
839. Rachel Theios, PhD Student, Caltech
840. Diana Valencia, Professor, University of Toronto
841. Sean Moran, PhD
842. Joey Neilsen, PhD, MIT
843. Timothy J. Thompson, MS, NASA/JPL Science Division, retired
844. Don Howard, Professor, University of Notre Dame
845. Zach Berta-Thompson, PhD, MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
846. Dr. Dagny Looper, PhD, NYU
847. Steve Bryson, PhD, NASA Ames Research Center
848. Adam Coogan, Graduate student, UC Santa Cruz
849. Eric Knuth, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
850. Peter T. Geantil, PhD, Flux Power
851. Luanna Soledad Gomez, PhD, Physics, University of Washington (2001)
852. Orkan Mehmet Umurhan, PhD, NASA Ames Research Center
853. Ken Shen, PhD, UC Berkeley
854. John Shaw, PhD, Louisiana Tech University
855. Deborah Appel Harris, PhD, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
856. Ashlee Wilkins, PhD candidate, University of Maryland, Department of Astronomy
857. Murray Silverstone, Professor, University of Alabama
858. Sara Anderson, PhD, Georgetown
859. Philip Plait, PhD Astronomer
860. Bruce Umbaugh, Professor of Philosophy, Webster University
861. Carolynn Moore, PhD, U.S. Army
862. Brian Frank, Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University
863. Yafis Barlas, PhD, University of California, Riverside
864. Elizabeth Gire, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University
865. Daniel Gershman, PhD, University of Maryland, College Park
866. Jielai Zhang, Ms, University of Toronto
867. Sandi Clement, PhD, Assistant Professor, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo
868. Beth Reid, PhD
869. Jason Kowalski, PhD, UW Parkside
870. Michael Blanton, Associated Professor, New York University
871. Danae Polychroni, PhD
872. Marc A. Murison, PhD Astronomer
873. Kenny Chowdhary, PhD, Applied Mathematics, Sandia National Laboratories
874. Kenneth Salins, Digital Infuzion
875. Nandita Chaturvedi, University of Pennsylvania
876. David Green, Doctoral Student, NASA-GSFC
877. Christine J Benally, PhD, IHS
878. Eva Richerson
879. Jacob Stanley, PhD in Physics, CU Boulder
880. Greg Frederick, Ph.D., Educational Consultant
881. Robert Blackwell, PhD, University of Colorado
882. Edgar Hernandez, Masters of Social Work, Government
883. Jacqueline Radigan, PhD
884. Kebra Ward, PhD, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
885. Thomas R. Lightfoot, EdD, Associate Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
886. Jacob Barandes, Associate Director of Graduate Studies, Lecturer on Physics, Harvard University
887. Beth Stetzler, MS, Goddard Space Flight Center
888. Ruth Ludwin, Seismologist, MA in Geophysics, University of Washington (retired)
889. Cherno Kah, PhD candidate, University of louisville
890. Carlos Williams-Moreiras, Student
891. Daniel Huber, PhD, University of Sydney
892. Vishwanath Mohan, B.S. Mech.Eng., JD, UC Irvine
893. Naomi A. Ridge, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics, Wentworth Institute of Technology
894. Marc Edwards, PhD, Johns Hopkins
895. Joy Lawson Davis, PhD, Virginia Union University
896. Joshua Pepper, Assistant Professor, Lehigh University
897. Doug Swanson, MS
898. Judith DeGroat, PhD, St. Lawrence University
899. Yadira Bribiesca, PostBacc Student, LAUSD
900. Concepcion del Castillo, Dr. Anthropologists, World bank
901. Sarah Ballard, PhD, MIT
902. Martha-Elizabeth Baylor, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics, Carleton College
903. Linda Xu, Graduate Student, Harvard University
904. Dan Weisz, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
905. Ted Fujimoto, University of Pennsylvania
906. Sean Johnson, PhD candidate, The University of Chicago
907. Sergio Ballestrero, Research Associate, CERN, Switzerland \& University of Johannesburg, South Africa
908. Joshua E. Schlieder, PhD, NASA Ames Research Center
909. Morgan C. Benton, PhD. Information Systems, James Madison University
910. Mark Sarisky, Professor, Guilford Technical College
911. Joseph Harder, PhD Candidate, Columbia University
912. Frank J. Giuliano, PhD, Westfield State University
913. David M. Cole, PhD
914. Evra Baldinger, UC Berkeley
915. Seth Zenz, PhD, Imperial College London
916. Akiba Kiiesmira, Student, age 66, Southern New Hampshire University
917. Karl Mamola, Professor Emeritus, Appalachian State Univ.
918. Camille Avestruz, PhD, University of Chicago
919. Matthew Headrick, Associate Professor, Brandeis University
920. Thomas Rimlinger, Mr., University of MD, College Park
921. Jesse Smith, Physics Student, San Francisco State University
922. Guy Indebetouw, Prof. Emeritus, Virginia Tech
923. Wynwood N Curry, Professor, Coppin State University
924. Carlo Dallapiccola, Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
925. Dan Baxter, graduate student, Northwestern University
926. Arthur A. Evans, PhD, U Wisconsin, Madison
927. Surajit Sen, PhD, SUNY Buffalo
928. Emily Petroff, Swinburne University of Technology
929. Km Saunders, Computer Scientist, Microsoft
930. Jennifer Barnes, Graduate Student, UC Berkeley
931. Sandip Medhe, Doctor, India
932. Daniel Lecoanet, PhD candidate, UC-Berkeley
933. Merideth Frey, PhD, Princeton University
934. Christine Rittenhouse, BS Physics, MA Teaching Science, Liberty High School (Frisco, TX)
935. Jacob Johnson, Undergraduate, University of Washington
936. Philip Phillips, Professor, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
937. Diane Blackwood, PhD, MSU
938. Pablo Bianucci, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
939. Albion Lawrence, Associate Professor of Physics, Brandeis University
940. Heather Lewis, B.S. Physics, Stanford University
941. Shanadeen Begay, PhD, Lecturer, Post-Doc, Northeastern University
942. Eddie M Abbott, MD, retired
943. Badr Albanna, PhD, Fordham University
944. Karen Daniels, Professor of Physics, North Carolina State University
945. Ravi Sheth, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
946. Daniel Reinholz, PhD, University of Colorado Boulder
947. Hector Acaron, MS, PhD candidate, University of Chicago
948. Trisha Vickrey, PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
949. Benjamin Dreyfus, PhD, University of Maryland
950. Kristal Shelvin, PhD
951. Krystle McLaughlin, PhD, Professor of Practice, Lehigh University
952. Erin Wolf, System Engineer, NASA
953. Lawrence A. Husick, Adjunct Faculty, The Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering
954. Scott Seagroves, MS, The College of St. Scholastica
955. Peter Shaffery, Student, University of Colorado, Boulder
956. Jose Vithayathil, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
957. Kathryn Meehan, MS, UC Davis
958. Amanda Moffett, PhD, University of Western Australia
959. Malik S. Henfield, PhD, University of San Francisco
960. Malaika McKee, PhD, University of Illinois Champaign Urbana
961. Ineke Abunawass, University of West Georgia
962. Jennifer Scott, PhD, Towson University
963. Dylan Roderick, The Ohio State University
964. Austin Reid, MS, North Carolina State University
965. Tessa Johnson, PhD, University of California Davis
966. Jorge Jim\'{e}nez, MS Physics, University of Michigan
967. Anna Marburger, eSalon
968. Brandon Allgood, PhD, CTO, Numerate, Inc
969. Jefferson Strait, Professor of Physics, Williams College
970. Michael Occhino, Director of Science Education Outreach, University of Rochester
971. Noemi Waight, PhD, Associate Professor of Science Education, University at Buffalo
972. Joshua Montgomery, MS, McGill University / University of Chicago
973. Hannah Jang-Condell, Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming
974. Elana Voigt, Scientific Instructional Technician, Physics Labs, University of Washington
975. Melissa Graham, PhD, UC Berkeley
976. Megan Marshall, Graduate Student, University of Maryland
977. Natoshia Anderson, EdD, Georgia Piedmont Technical College
978. Oliver Elbert, Graduate Astrophysicst, University of California, Irvine
979. Pedro Espino, Graduate Student, University of Arizona
980. Donna Riley, Professor of Engineering Education, Virginia Tech
981. Jacqueline Leonard, Director and Professor, University of Wyoming
982. Taviare Hawkins, PhD, University of Wisconsin La Crosse
983. Brian Colding, Educator
984. Linda Laws, Ms., University of Pennsylvania
985. Penelope Foran, Observer, In my neighborhood.
986. Priscilla Canizares, PhD, Cambridge University
987. Nathan Schine, PhD candidate, University of Chicago
988. Kedarnath Sangam, PhD, retired
989. Jennifer Sobeck, PhD, University of Virginia
990. Nirupama Shrudhar, PhD, Lake Washington Technical Institute
991. Benjamin Stillwell, Engineering physicist
992. Eric Sheets, Director, Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas Environmental Office
993. Moses Rifkin, High School Physics Teacher, University Prep, Seattle, WA
994. Rachel Mandelbaum, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
995. Deepak Iyer, Professor, Bucknell University
996. La Bien Nance, Professional homemaker
997. Michael Shaw, PhD, University of Minnesota Duluth
998. Karlen Shahinyan, Graduate Student, Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics, University of Minnesota
999. Maria Siliezar, undergraduate student/researcher, UC Berkeley
1000. Katherine Zaunbrecher, PhD, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1001. Martha Haynes, Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy, Cornell University
1002. Christopher A. Cline, Ph.D, Westminster College (Salt Lake City)
1003. Micha Kilburn, PhD, University of Notre Dame
1004. Adrian Liu, PhD, University of California Berkeley
1005. Eva de la Riva, PhD (Chair and Professor of Psychology), Oakton Community College
1006. Christopher Burns, PhD, Carnegie Observatories
1007. Nicholas Pierce, BS Data Science, University of Rochester
1008. Jennifer Schenk Sacco, PhD, Assoc. prof. of political science, Quinnipiac University
1009. Katherine Campbell, BA Physics, PhD Cardiac Electrophysiology, University of Michigan
1010. Jon Saderholm, PhD, Berea College
1011. Andrew Svesko, MS, PhD candidate, Arizona State University
1012. Alicia Prieto Langarica, PhD, Youngstown State University
1013. Britt Scharringhausen, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Beloit College
1014. Glenda Emanuelson, Mrs., Retired educator
1015. Bradford A. Barker, University of California, Berkeley
1016. Barry N Costanzi, MS, University of Minnesota
1017. Mona Leila Mays, PhD, Catholic University of America/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1018. Craig Hetherington, PhD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1019. Troy Messina, PhD, Berea College
1020. Valerie Horsley, PhD, Yale University
1021. Ramsey Badawi, Medical physicist; professor of radiology, UC Davis
1022. Karen Collins, PhD, Vanderbilt University
1023. John Morrison Galbraith, Associate Professor, Marist College
1024. Paul Hunter
1025. Tran Chau, MA in Education, Arcadia University
1026. Ryan Whitcomb, Graduate Student, University of Michigan
1027. Marcos D Caballero, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
1028. Elizabeth Eeosti Jacobson, Retired Juvinile Probation Officer, Sonoma County, CA.
1029. Jack Holdford, MSN, The Ohio State University College of Public Health
1030. Toby Burmett, emeritus professor of physics, University of Washington
1031. Darryl L. Corey, PhD, Radford University
1032. Tee S Emm, PhD Physics, Institute of Science NALCS
1033. Allen Olson, Dean of Natural and Applied Sciences, South Puget Sound Community College
1034. Sarah Schorr, B.A. Neuroscience
1035. Jedidah Isler, PhD, Vanderbilt University
1036. Brenda Williams, Elementary education, Athletic coaching, Paralegal, US postal service, USPS
1037. Jennifer Novotney, PhD, MIT
1038. Christopher Johnson, Professor, California College of the Arts
1039. Ian Dell'Antonio, PhD, Brown University
1040. Duncan Tate, Professor, Colby College
1041. Loretta B. DeLoggio, Esq., Durham, NC
1042. Farah Tavakoli
1043. Alfred Porras, Jr., Retired HS teacher
1044. Liz McDowell, PhD, Kalamazoo College
1045. Mihir K Bhaskar, Graduate Student, Harvard University
1046. Sarah Mullins, PhD Chemistry, 3M Company
1047. Robert Zisk, M Ed., PhD Science Education, Rutgers University
1048. Gonzalo Gonzalez-Del Pino, PhD Candidate, Harvard University
1049. William R. McGehee, PhD
1050. Miranda, MS, Computer Science
1051. Marcus Aguilar, BA, MS, MBA, MC2 Energy
1052. Quinton L. Williams, Professor and Chair, Howard University
1053. Amy Hee Kim, Ph.D, Iridescent (science education nonprofit )
1054. Ta-Shana Taylor, MS in Geosciences, University of Miami
1055. Karl Martinez, BS, MA Physics - The University of Texas at Austin, HS2 Solutions
1056. Thomas H. Appleton, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
1057. Jennifer Piscionere, PhD, Swinburne University of Technology
1058. Kelly Price, BS Computer Engineering, MS Computer Science and Software Engineering, Auburn University
1059. Julianna Moats, MS, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
1060. Lisa Oglesby, M. Ed., Retired
1061. Tom Burtonwood, Assistant Professor, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1062. Michael Goho, Professor of Engineering Science/Physics, Monroe Community College
1063. David Bruhwiler, PhD, RadiaSoft LLC
1064. Victoria Chia, MPH, MD Candidate, University of California San Diego
1065. Samuel Cook, Ph.D., Wheelock College
1066. Marcoantonio Arellano, writer
1067. Louis-Francois Arsenault, postdoctoral research scientist, Columbia University
1068. Julia Aguirre, Associate Professor, University of Washington Tacoma
1069. Chi-Tai Tang, PhD, Utah Bureau of Forensic Services
1070. Peter Madigan, BS Physics, University of Colorado Boulder
1071. Laura Gray, PhD, Princeton University
1072. Meredith Danowski, Boston University
1073. Alison Annon, General Dynamics
1074. Reba Bandyopadhyay, PhD, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1075. Mary Robinson, MS, Retired
1076. Jennifer Blue, PhD, Miami University
1077. Nicholas G. Heavens, Research Assistant Professor of Planetary Science, Hampton University
1078. S\'{e}bastien Cormier, PhD, Grossmont College
1079. Jennifer Steele, PhD, Trinity University
1080. Zachary Pace, PhD Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1081. Javier Gonzalez-Rocha, PhD Student, Virginia Tech
1082. Roslyn Shapiro
1083. Andrew Yu, BS, UC San Francisco
1084. Jennifer Silverman, Mathematics Teacher and Inventor, ProRadian Protractors
1085. Alejandra Le\'{o}n, PhD, Osu alumni
1086. Kathleen Tatem, graduate student, physics PhD candidate, University of Hawaii
1087. Hiranya Peiris, Professor, University College London
1088. Sidney Nagel, Professor, University of Chicago
1089. Jessie Broussard, PhD, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
1090. Frederick C Miller, MD, Private Practice in Philadelphia PA
1091. B.W. Holwerda, PhD, Leiden Observatory
1092. Thaker Pinakin, Darpana
1093. Craig Brashear, BA Physics, Haverford College, Appleby Foundation
1094. John C. Hood II, Vanderbilt University
1095. Vanessa Ferrel, B.S.; M.D. Candidate, University of California San Diego
1096. Meryl Spencer, PhD candidate, University of Michigan
1097. Laura Leg\'{e}, Professor, California State University Sacramento
1098. Erin Cox, Graduate Fellow, University of Illinois
1099. Micah Johnson, PhD, Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
1100. Karla S Hamblin, Master of Urban and Regional Planning, BP Exploration \& Production
1101. Neil Aaronson, Ph.D., Stockton University
1102. Matthew Enjalran, PhD, Professor and Chair,, Physics, Southern CT State University
1103. Vann Priest, PhD, Rio Hondo College
1104. Jason L. James Jr., EdD, Wilmington University
1105. Henry Ngo, MS, Caltech
1106. Karen Masters, PhD in Astronomy, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth
1107. Arthur Vandenberg, MS, MVA, Artist
1108. Daniel Akerib, Professor, SLAC National Accelerator Lab, Stanford University
1109. Scott Paulson, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, James Madison University
1110. Jackie Meyer, MS in Applied Physics, Schlumberger
1111. Hume A. Feldman, Professor and Chair, University of Kansas, Department of Physics \& Astronomy
1112. Lincoln Ribeiro, PhD, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil
1113. Lou Nigra, PhD, Adler Planetarium
1114. Brandon Rodenburg, PhD, Rochester Institute of Technology
1115. Zin Lin, MS, PhD candidate, Harvard University
1116. Elizabeth Wayne, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1117. Todd Spindler, PhD, NOAA National Weather Service
1118. Miles Hogan, B.A. Music Performance, Parris Island Marine Band
1119. Vinay Hegde, MS, Northwestern University
1120. Aurelia Williams, PhD, Norfolk State University
1121. Dr. Lourdes del Castillo, Dr. Social work, Univ. of SC
1122. Kenyon Lee Whitman, PhD Student, University of San Diego
1123. Scott Pakudaitis, Institutional Research Analyst, St. Catherine University
1124. Vergil L. Daughtery,iii, BS, MS, Alumni, Georgia Institute of Technology
1125. Crystal Noel, PhD Student, University of California Berkeley
1126. Katherine Alatalo, PhD, The Carnegie Observatories
1127. Brian Holton, Ed.D., Middlesex County College
1128. Tony Sevold, BSc, Metabolic Foundation
1129. Jarle Brinchmann, Associate Professor, Leiden University
1130. Travis Rector, PhD, University of Alaska
1131. Adam Patch, Graduate Fellow, Syracuse University
1132. Marshall C. Johnson, University of Texas at Austin
1133. Tien-Tien Yu, Stony Brook University
1134. Craig Ogilvie, Morrill Professor, Iowa State University
1135. Veronica Policht, PhD candidate, University of Michigan
1136. Brenda Newman, MD, PhD, University of Washington
1137. Nikolaos Vergos, Dipl., The University of Texas at Austin
1138. Caitlin Casey, Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
1139. Stuart A. Rice, Frank P. Hixon Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus, University of Chicago
1140. Daniel Bowring, PhD, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
1141. Moritz Günther, PhD, MIT
1142. Daniel M. Drydeb, Graduate Researcher, UC Davis
1143. Kareem Kazkaz, PhD, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
1144. Randi Nelson, MD
1145. Mable Anthony, Political Activist, Retired
1146. Yonel Pierre, PhD, Superior Court of New Jersey
1147. Anthony D. Dinsmore, Professor of Physics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
1148. Gustavo del Castillo, Dr. Nuclear Physics, MURA
1149. William Wootters, Professor of Physics, Williams College
1150. Kelle Cruz, Asst Professor, PhD, CUNY Hunter College
1151. Linda Strubbe, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia
1152. John M. Brewer, PhD Candidate, Yale University, Astronomy
1153. Sean P. Robinson, PhD, MIT
1154. Susan Patrick, Retired R.N, Was employed @ UAB in Birmingham, Al.
1155. Edozie C. Edoga, Robotics Instructor and FIRST Team Lead Mentor, High School
1156. Charles Shapiro, PhD, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1157. Lin Yang, Harvey Mudd College
1158. Rhiannon Meharchand, PhD
1159. Anna Crowe Dewart, Ass't Prof., English, retired, College of Coastal Georgia
1160. Grant R. Tremblay, Dr., Yale University
1161. David M. Gill, Ed.D., UNC Wilmington
1162. Sarah Jane Schmidt, PhD, Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics, Potsdam
1163. Eric Jensen, Professor of Astronomy, Swarthmore College
1164. Daniel A. Wubah, Professor, Washington and Lee University
1165. Murray L Brown, Associate Professor, Georgia State University
1166. Danielle Pahud, PhD candidate, Boston University
1167. Geoff Cureton, PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison
1168. Alyse Schneider, PhD Student, UC Berkeley Math Educatoin
1169. Gary Felder, Professor, Smith College
1170. Mariana Guerrero, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Maryland
1171. Kimberly Lokovic, MS
1172. Jennifer L. Madison, PhD
1173. Hannah Levy
1174. Parthiban Santhanam, Founder and CEO, PhD, Exergy Dynamics, Inc.
1175. Alison Coil, Professor of Physics, University of California, San Diego
1176. Shohini Ghose, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
1177. James Aguirre, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
1178. Andrea Peterson, PhD, physics postdoc, Carleton University, Ottawa (U. Wisconsin PhD)
1179. Owen Kenton, University of Pennsylvania
1180. Deatrick Foster, PhD, Space Telescope Science Institute
1181. Robert Dipert, Particle physics PhD candidate, Arizona State University
1182. Edward Bernstein, Professor BU School of Medicine, Boston University
1183. Jacqueline Townsend, BS Physics, University of Maryland
1184. Ryan Trainor, PhD, UC Berkeley / Miller Institute
1185. Edward F Ezell, PhD, Retired BOC Technical Center
1186. Keith Clay, PhD, Green River College
1187. James V. Earley, MS Astronomy, Excel Academy, Denver Public Schools
1188. Anna Williams, PhD Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1189. Yunli Ma, MSc., Northwestern University
1190. Sahar Allam, PhD
1191. Taylor Tobin, University of Illinois
1192. Daniel Castro, PhD, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1193. Justin Khoury, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
1194. Piers Coleman, Professor, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
1195. Tanay Bhandarkar, Undergraduate Student, Columbia University
1196. Vinita Ruth Brocko, MS
1197. Chad Bieber, PhD
1198. Kyron M. Williams, PhD, Nyota Research
1199. Joseph Catanzarite, Data Scientist / Astronomer, SETI Institute
1200. Hallie Trauger, MS Physics, MEd Secondary Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
1201. Joshua Burrow, Electro-Optics MS Candidate, University of Dayton
1202. Terence L Watts, Professor of Physics \& Astronomy Emeritus, Rutgers University
1203. Kieran Sweeney, Student, The Pennsylvania State University, Aerospace Engineering Dept.
1204. Aaron J Redd, PhD, Philips Healthcare
1205. James Gerald, Assistant Professor, Delta State University
1206. LaRoy Brandt, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology, Truman State University
1207. Nick McGreivy, Physics major and aspiring physicist, University of Pennsylvania
1208. Bhima Nitta, PhD, Power Guru
1209. Janine Pforr, PhD, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, France
1210. Carie Cardamone, Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Wheelock College
1211. Michael Lee Miller, PhD, Founder, General Partner, Liquid 2 Venture Capital
1212. Willie Rockward, National President, Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society
1213. Jennifer Klay, Associate Professor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
1214. Shawn Ward, Rutgers University
1215. Alison Bauer, Elementary school teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools
1216. Melody Maxson, Graduate Student, Case Western Reserve University
1217. Therese Jones, MS, RAND
1218. Sukanya Chakrabarti, Assistant Professor, RIT
1219. Elizabeth H. Simmons, University Distinguished Professor and Dean, Michigan State University
1220. Ernest Beaulieu, History Dept. Chair, Chase Collegiate School
1221. Adric Riedel, PhD, Caltech
1222. William Rodney, MBA, City of Chicago
1223. Elisa Riedo, Professor, City College New York
1224. Aaron Noble, MS (Stanford), NBCT, Mercer Island High School, Mercer Island, WA
1225. Jack Wimberley, PhD candidate, University of Maryland, College Park
1226. Aaron Parsons, Professor, University of California, Berkeley
1227. Michael Richman, PhD, Drexel
1228. Kelley M. Hess, PhD, University of Groningen
1229. M. Lisa Manning, Professor, Syracuse University
1230. Maria C Simani, PhD, University of California Riverside
1231. Gary William Hallford, Student, San Francisco State University
1232. Glenda Howell, PhD candidate, Don Bosco School of English
1233. Monika Lynker, PhD, IU South Bend
1234. Helen Jackson, PhD, Wright State University
1235. John E. Sohl, Full Professor of Physics, Weber State University
1236. Nancy Rose, Retired Professor
1237. Thomas Barclay, PhD, Bay Area Environmental Research Institute
1238. Carmen A. Pantoja, PhD, University of Puerto Rico
1239. Gabriel Chan, Undergraduate, Yeh Lab at UCLA
1240. Cheryl B., average citizen, planet Earth
1241. Anastasia Karabina, PhD, University of Massachusetts Lowell
1242. Beverly Guy Sheftall, Professor, Spelman College
1243. Niels Damrauer, Associate Professor (Physical Chemistry not physics but same issues), University of Colorado Boulder
1244. Paul Syers, PhD, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
1245. Elliot Douglas, Engineering Professor, University of Florida
1246. Christopher Jantzi, PhD candidate, University of Virginia
1247. Rachel Craigmile, M.S., University of Texas at Austin
1248. Elias Burstein, Professor of Physics Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania
1249. Yvette Cendes, PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam
1250. Lori Downen, MS, PhD student, UNC-CH
1251. Allison Towner, Ms., University of Virginia
1252. Ami Radunskaya, Professor of Mathematics, Pomona College
1253. Joel Weisberg, Prof of Phys \& Astronomy, Carleton College
1254. Crystal L. Pope, Georgia State University
1255. David Spiegel, PhD, Stitch Fix
1256. Edward Krohne, MS, University of North Texas Department of Mathematics
1257. Willow Wedemeyer, PhD, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University/Schule Birklehof
1258. M. Cather Simpson, Associate Professor, The University of Auckland
1259. Mary Rauner, PhD, WestEd
1260. Jacquelyn Chini, Professor, University of Central Florida
1261. Ben Van Dusen, Professor, California State University, Chico
1262. James Formato
1263. Rachael Beaton, PhD, Carnegie Observatories
1264. Lee May, Clergy, Associate Minister
1265. Arnulfo Gonzalez, MS, Texas A\&M University
1266. Milo Korman, PhD candidate, Case Western Reserve University
1267. Maritza Y Duran, MSW candidate, University of Michigan
1268. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, PhD, MIT
1269. Katie Auchettl, PhD, The Ohio State University
1270. Aungshuman Zaman, Stony Brook University
1271. Samantha Dixon, Graduate student, UC Berkeley
1272. Richard Owens, PhD, Issara institute
1273. Marisa Litz, MS, Oregon State University
1274. Angela N Fioretti, Ms., National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1275. Lauranne Lanz, PhD, California Institute of Technology
1276. Stephanie Hamilton, Graduate Student, University of Michigan
1277. Chris Reilly, Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Austin
1278. Kari Jackson, Master Student, UIUC
1279. Lew Riley, Professor, Ursinus College
1280. Candice M. Etson, Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University
1281. Charles Boyle, Dip Arch - architect, Papua New Guinea University of Technology
1282. Kaitlyn Hood, PhD candidate, UCLA
1283. Charles Xu, PhD Student, Caltech
1284. Brian Metzger, Professor, Columbia University
1285. Raymond Hart, PhD, Council of the Great City Schools
1286. Leland Muller, MS, University of Pennsylvania
1287. Leslie Rogers, PhD, UC Berkeley/University of Chicago
1288. Jacob Jencson, PhD Student, California Institute of Technology
1289. Jenna Walrath, PhD candidate, University of Michigan
1290. Ward Lopes, PhD
1291. Janice Nelson, SLAC national accelerator laboratory
1292. R.Wijewardhana, PhD, Univ of Cincinnati
1293. Steven Torrisi, Undergraduate Physics/Math Student, University of Rochester
1294. Philip Choi, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Pomona College
1295. Luiz de Viveiros, PhD, University of California Santa Barbara
1296. Arriety Lowell, MS, Unviersity of Wisconsin-River Falls
1297. Tuguldur Sukhbold, PhD candidate, University of California Santa Cruz
1298. Jamie Orr, PhD, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
1299. Eric Brewe, Associate Professor, Florida International University
1300. JoAnne Hewett, Professor of Physics, Stanford University/SLAC
1301. Tim Coyle, American Voter, Tax Payer, Citizen
1302. Melinda Soares-Furtado, Princeton University
1303. Maria Falbo, PhD, Elon University
1304. Claire Bellis, PhD, GIS, Singapore
1305. Ranjan Dharmapalan, Argonne National Laboratory
1306. Isabella Johansson, Undergrad, Columbia University
1307. Amy Dae Nagy, VMD, MS, AAAS Fellow at USAID
1308. Michael G Pacifico, BA, MT(ASCP), Retired
1309. Damien Benveniste, PhD, EMC Corp
1310. Jannel Banks, student, University of Washington
1311. Elisabeth Mills, Dr, University of Arizona / NRAO
1312. Jai Salzwedel, MS, The Ohio State University
1313. Tammy Walton, PhD, Fermilab
1314. Melodie Nguyen
1315. Dillon Dong, MPhil candidate, University of Cambridge
1316. Orion Sauter, University of Michigan
1317. Eric Johnson, FIU
1318. Carolyn Atkinson, student, Pomona College
1319. Barry E. Weingarten, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
1320. Stephanie Strazisar, PhD, Covestro
1321. Aaron M. Datesman, Ph.D., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1322. Brendan Folie, Graduate Student, UC Berkeley
1323. Patrick M. McCall, PhD Candidate in Physics, University of Chicago
1324. Tage, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
1325. John C Martin, Associate Professor of Atronomy/Physics, University of Illinois Springfield
1326. Ronald Leibach, Graduate Student, Case Western Reserve University
1327. Lamiya Mowla, Graduate Student in Astronomy, Yale University
1328. Laura Zschaechner, PhD, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy
1329. Mary V. Shaw, MS, retired
1330. R Sekhar Chivukula, Professor of Physics, Michigan State University
1331. Bronwen Cohn-Cort, BSc, American University graduate
1332. Eileen Gonzales, Graduate Student, CUNY GC
1333. Daniel Woolridge, MD Candidate, UC San Diego
1334. Allen Rozelle, Volunteer Center, Santa Cruz
1335. Chelsea Bartram, graduate student, UNC Chapel Hill
1336. Rachel A Rosen, Assistant Professor, Columbia University
1337. Kimberly N. Hooper, MPP- Econometrics and Demography (also a black woman), New York Department of Education
1338. Lisa E. Wills, PhD, Educational Psychology, Research, \& Measurement, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
1339. Elizabeth Wailes, PhD, Charit\'{e}
1340. J. Peter Brosius, Distinguished Research Professor, University of Georgia
1341. Georgia Bracey, Research Associate, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
1342. Francesca Sanders
1343. Lia Corrales, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
1344. Catherine Klauss, JILA
1345. Sean Gavin, Professor, PhD, Wayne State University
1346. Shyamala Ratnayeke, Associate Professor of Biology, Sunway University, Malaysia
1347. Rellen Hardtke, PhD, Professor, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
1348. Gyorgyi Voros, Dr., Virginia Tech
1349. Christopher Morrison, PhD, Argelander-Institut für Astronomie
1350. Siegfried Bleher, PhD, Fairmont State University
1351. Christian Santangelo, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
1352. Diana Powell, PhD Student, UC Santa Cruz
1353. Max Genecov, Grad Student, UC Berkeley Astro
1354. Ramon Thomas, MD, The Lexington Clinic
1355. Vince Stricherz, Science writer (retired), University of Washington, Seattle
1356. Ellen Rose Robinson, MS
1357. Raymond Adams, Assistant Professor, Southern Arkansas University
1358. Cynthia Plank, MS, Beaumont Middle School
1359. Daniel Nagasawa, Graduate Student, Texas A\&M University
1360. Cyrus Behroozi, X, Alphabet Inc.
1361. Matt Brueckmann, Student, UC Berkeley
1362. Jacob Searcy, PhD, University of Michigan
1363. Jeremy Faludi, Adjunt Professor, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
1364. Mary Lou Faherty, Technician, IATSE Local \# 7
1365. Kate Fitzgerald Groby, LCSW, Private Practice
1366. Melinda Andrews, Professor, Hamilton College
1367. Phil Brady, BS, Physics, Washington State Government
1368. Laron Johnson, MD, MPP, Washington Adventist Hospital
1369. Deborah Grojean, ms, retired
1370. David Tsang, PhD, University of Maryland
1371. Annie Rak, AB Candidate in Applied Mathematics, Harvard College
1372. Sudip Chakravarty, Professor, UCLA
1373. Marc Weinberg, PhD, Florida State University
1374. James D. White, Professor, Juniata College
1375. Ethan Contini-Field, Physics Educator: B.A. Physics, CWRU.; MEd UMass Boston, Harvard University
1376. John V. Koger, Psychophysiology Research Equipment Manager, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1377. Xiangcheng Ma, Caltech
1378. Robin Kent, MS, HDR, Inc.
1379. Mel Sabella, PhD, Chicago State University
1380. Lucianne Walkowicz, PhD, The Adler Planetarium
1381. Alan Jackson, MS physics, Shell Oil Company (retired )
1382. Marc Seigar, Professor, University of Minnesota
1383. Carl Benander, President, Boston Atlantic Corp
1384. Thomas E Browder, Professor, University of Hawaii
1385. Brendan Casey, PhD, Fermilab
1386. Georgianna Kates, MD, University Hospitals of Cleveland
1387. Philippe Lewalle, PhD Student (physics), University of Rochester
1388. George Vejar, Graduate Student, Vanderbilt University
1389. Devon McCarthy, Mr. Devon McCarthy MS chemistry and forensic science, University of Massachusetts
1390. Geoff Lawrence, MS Lecturer, North Hennepin Community College
1391. Arthur Lipstein, PhD
1392. Rebecca Lindell, Professor
1393. Julie N. Skinner, PhD, Boston University
1394. Miriam Simpson, Professor, Cuyamaca College
1395. Urmila Chadayammuri, Graduate Student, Yale University
1396. Vinod Menon, Professor, CCNY
1397. Teppei Katori, PhD, Queen Mary University of London
1398. George Gale, Prof. of Philosophy \& Physical Science (emeritus), Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City
1399. Jonathan Williams, Professor, University of Hawaii
1400. Jennifer Sims
1401. R. Adriel Vasquez, MS, Project Syndicate
1402. Stephon Alexander, Royce Professor of Physics, Brown University
1403. Lynne R Spencer, Ph.D., STEM Instructional Specialist-Chemist, College of Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
1404. Jia-an Yan, Assistant Professor, Towson University
1405. Dawn Yancy Elleby, Mother of African American Children, Publishing
1406. Brad Knockel, MS, CNM Community College
1407. Reginald T. Bailey, Corporate Recruiting Manager, MS, ABM Government Services, LLC
1408. Kathryn Devine, PhD, The College of Idaho
1409. Wesley Gohn, PhD, University of Kentucky
1410. Arthur Russakoff, Vanderbilt University
1411. Michael J.Nolan, Professor of Physics, PhD, Millersville University
1412. Graeme Gossel, PhD, New York
1413. Andrew Morrison, Professor, Joliet Junior College
1414. Elizabeth Blanton, PhD, Associate Professor, Boston University
1415. Jordan James Gosselin, Graduate Student, UC San Diego
1416. Roni Teich, Graduate Student, Boston University
1417. Craig Wiegert, Associate Professor, University of Georgia
1418. Nirav P. Mehta, Assistant Professor, Trinity University, San Antonio Texas
1419. Meghan S Anzelc, PhD, Zurich
1420. Sara Campbell, PhD Student, University of Colorado at Boulder
1421. Lauren Tompkins, Assistant Professor, Stanford University
1422. Erin Gauger, PhD Student, University of Texas at Austin
1423. Peter Behroozi, PhD, Space Telescope Science Institute
1424. MacKenzie Warren, PhD Candidate, University of Notre Dame
1425. Addonis Terrell, Student, University Of Chicago Medicine
1426. Toyia Younger, PhD
1427. Janice V. Williams, M.Ed., The University of Texas at Austin
1428. Marco Pedulli, PhD, University
1429. Margaret Edelman, MS
1430. Raymond Brock, University Distinguished Professor, Michigan State University
1431. Mary Kate Dean, MA in English, retired
1432. Paul Mirel, NASA Goddard/ Wyle STE
1433. Dan Schwartz, PhD, SAO
1434. Stephanie LaMassa, PhD, NASA GSFC
1435. Kyle Godbey, Graduate Student, Vanderbilt University
1436. Michelle Schultz, PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago
1437. Maxwell Porter, PhD student, UT Austin
1438. Dina Willner
1439. Eleanor Close, Assistant Professor of Physics, Texas State University
1440. Ryan Toole, MS, University of Georgia
1441. Gareth Roberg-Clark, Graduate Assistant, University of Maryland, College Park
1442. Marty L. Williams, PhD, Valdosta State University
1443. Manuel Calderon de la Barca Sanchez, Professor of Physics, University of California, Davis.
1444. Kara Kundert, UC Berkeley
1445. Anthony Oliver, MT (ASCP)CM, Blue Ridge Regonal Hospital
1446. Anna Frebel, Professor, MIT
1447. Richard Wedeen, Student, Stanford University
1448. Jennifer Ross, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
1449. Matt Tilley, PhD Candidate, University of Washington
1450. Willie S. Rockward, PhD, Associate Professor of Physics \& Dept. Chair, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA
1451. Rachael Alexandroff, Graduate student, Johns Hopkins University
1452. Julie Biteen, Professor, University of Michigan
1453. Charles Loelius, Michigan State University
1454. Janet Hecsh, PhD and Professor of Education, California State University, Sacramento
1455. Joseph Ribaudo, Associate Professor, Utica College
1456. Jana Grcevich, PhD, American Museum of Natural History
1457. David Sliski, University of Pennsylvania
1458. Pamela Knox, MS, University of Georgia
1459. Marlena Watson, MA, Lecturer, Lehman College
1460. Jenn Dubois, Recruiter, Managment Consulting Firm
1461. Andreea Petric, PhD, Gemini Observatory
1462. Tony Zito, MS
1463. David Rubin
1464. Joelle Labastide, PhD, UMass Amherst
1465. Sumner Starrfield, Regents Professor, Arizona State University
1466. Charles Nelson, PhD, Drake University
1467. Wendy Cutler, Ms, SAG/AFTRA
1468. Meredith Hughes, Professor, Wesleyan University
1469. Charlezetta Stokes, Graduate Student, Howard University
1470. Eric Perlman, Professor, Florida Institute of Technology
1471. Erica Price, MEd, Cherry Hill Public Schools
1472. Omar Khatib, PhD, CU Boulder
1473. Brandon Carter, BS, MPH, University of Texas Medical Branch
1474. Sandra Perez, Minister, NYC Mennonite Oversight Minister
1475. Samuel Cho, Professor, Wake Forest University Dept. Physics
1476. Aaron Santos, PhD, Simpson College
1477. Nicolas Rey-Le Lorier, Graduate Student, Cornell University
1478. Thomas Strauss, PhD, Associate Scientist, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
1479. Adam M. Jacobs, PhD candidate, Stony Brook University
1480. Tashalee Billings, University of Pennsylvania
1481. Waheed Bhuyan, BSEE, Primerica
1482. Adam James Archibald, PhD candidate, graduate student, Washington University in Saint Louis
1483. Kyle Ferguson, MS, University of Michigan
1484. Jamil Alexis, Medical student, Hofstra NS-LIJ School of Medicine
1485. Jim Schewe, PhD, Principal Scientist, Philips
1486. David L. Graham, PhD, Professor, Ret., Iowa State Univ., Cornell Univ., Texas A.\&M. Univ.
1487. Chris Zin, PhD Student, Wayne State University
1488. Benjamin Shank, PhD (Physics), Thermotron Industries
1489. Charles D. Allen, Esq., Jurist Doctorate, Advocates for Social \& Economic Justice
1490. Elizabeth J. Hines, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
1491. Julia Salevan, PhD candidate, Yale University
1492. Marvin E. Schechter, Attorney, Solo Practioner
1493. Kristine Callan, PhD, Colorado School of Mines
1494. Javad Shabani, Professor, City College of New York
1495. Sepehr Vakil, PhD candidate, Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology, M.S., UCLA, UC Berkeley
1496. William Thomas Machi, Teacher, Apollo Education, Hai Phong, Vietnam
1497. Karyn Watters, MD
1498. Frederick Aldama, Professor, The Ohio State University
1499. Michael Strauss, Professor, Princeton University
1500. Peter Gao, PhD candidate, Caltech
1501. Muhed Rana, Graduate Student, University of Arizona
1502. Omer Blaes, Professor, UCSB
1503. Angie Cazares, MSW, social services
1504. Erin D. Glover, Doctoral Student, Mathematics Education, Oregon State University
1505. Ray Nayler, US Department of State
1506. Adrienne Wootters, PhD, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
1507. Jerome Fung, Lecturer in Physics, Wellesley College
1508. Valerie M. Reynolds, MSJ, MBA, University of Chicago
1509. Ryan Reece, PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz
1510. Melanie Butler, MS Chemistry, UIC
1511. Audra K. Hernandez, PhD, Research Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1512. Aditya Sriram Tiwari, Student, Oakland University
1513. Benjamin FitzPatrick, PhD, State of Minnesota Weights and Measures
1514. Mark Helmlinger, Spectral Remote Sensing Calibration Specialist, BS Physics 1991, Cal Poly Pomona, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1515. Michaela Kleinert, Associate Professor of Physics, Willamette University, Salem, OR
1516. Magali Billen, Professor, UC Davis
1517. David Ensminger, PhD, Loyola University Chicago
1518. Charlotte Solarz, MS, retired educator
1519. Lining Wang, Student, Yale University
1520. Charles McIntyre, Supervisor of Training Programs, Reed College Research Reactor
1521. Karen Coulter, MS, University of Michigan
1522. Andre Loose, PhD
1523. Amara Graps, PhD, Planetary Science Institute
1524. Maricedes Acosta-Martinez, PhD, Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University
1525. Elizabeth Golovatski, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics, Central College
1526. Chris Hillman, MSEE, Teledyne Scientific
1527. Eric C. Martell, Associate Professor of Physics, Millikin University
1528. William J.Mullin, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts
1529. Tyler Cohen, Stony Brook University
1530. Laura Blecha, PhD, University of Maryland
1531. Moumita Das, Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
1532. Carolus Boekema, Professor of Physics, San Jose State Univ
1533. S. Douglas Marcum, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Miami University
1534. Hao Shi, PhD student, Cornell University
1535. Eugenia Etkina, Professor, Rutgers
1536. Susan E Ramlo, Professor, The University of Akron
1537. Leslie Atkins, Associate Professor, Boise State University
1538. Mafmudije Selimi, PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison
1539. Andrew Duncan, Associate Professor, Willamette University
1540. Zachary Glassman, Graduate Student, Joint Quantum Institute
1541. Karen L. Thomas, MS, Principal, William W. Bodine High School for International Affairs
1542. Lewis Maday-Travis, Science Teacher, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences
1543. Ursula Copeland, MSW
1544. Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Curator \& Professor, American Museum of Natural History
1545. Josh Borja, Global Academic Fellow in Physics and Writing, New York University Shanghai (NYU Shanghai)
1546. Michael Donnay, Student, Georgetown University
1547. Carolina Alvarado, PhD, University of Maine
1548. Scott Lindauer, North Carolina State University
1549. Imani J. Walker, Medical Director/Psychiatrist, Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Services
1550. Joan Leslie, Jpef
1551. Timothy Brandt, PhD, Institute for Advanced Study
1552. Nathan Cook, PhD, RadiaSoft LLC
1553. Brandon Swift, MS, Steward Observatory, Univ. of AZ
1554. Mark Gonzalez, MS
1555. Rose Perea, PhD candidate, Vanderbilt University
1556. Beth Biller, Professor, University of Edinburgh
1557. Adam Zakheim, MSc. Microbiology, The William Penn Charter School
1558. Lauren Woolsey, PhD candidate, Harvard University
1559. Lucas Macri, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A\&M University
1560. DeWayne Allen, United Technologies Corporation
1561. Helen Jackson, University of Pennsylvania
1562. Joseph D. Lopes, Graduate Student, University of California, Merced
1563. Jesse Livezey, Graduate Student, UC Berkeley
1564. Laurel Anderson, Graduate student, Harvard University
1565. Socorro Rojas, School teacher
1566. Peter Nguyen, Arizona Science Center
1567. Geoff Stanley, Graduate Student, Stanford Biophysics
1568. Gurtina Besla, Professor, U. Arizona
1569. Sandra Simmons, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Oakland Unified School District
1570. Carole Mundell, Professor, University of Bath
1571. Onyinye I. Iweala, MD PhD, UNC Hospitals Chapel Hill, NC
1572. Luis G. Rosa, PhD, Professor, University of Puerto Rico - Humacao
1573. Kevin Flaherty, PhD, Wesleyan University
1574. Luke C Flores, PhD, Northwestern University
1575. JoEllen McBride, PhD candidate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1576. Michael Lomnitz, PhD candidate in Physics, Kent state University and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
1577. Timothy A. D. Paglione, Chair, Professor, PhD, CUNY York College
1578. Katelyn Allers, Professor, Bucknell University
1579. Carol Thornber, Associate Professor, U. Rhode Island
1580. Macheo Payne, Assistant Professor, Cal State University East Bay
1581. Richard E Ward, Emeritus Professor, Indiana University
1582. Michael Wen Sen Su, Professor, Pratt Institute School of Undergraduate Architecture
1583. Corbette Doyle, Lecturer, Vanderbilt University
1584. Hunter G. Close, Associate Professor, Texas State University
1585. Aatish Bhatia, PhD; Associate Director, Council on Science \& Technology, Princeton University
1586. Roy Kilgard, Research Associate Professor, Wesleyan University
1587. Jolyon Bloomfield, Dr, MIT
1588. Douglas Durian, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
1589. Aram Harrow, Assistant Professor, MIT
1590. J. Nathan Scott, Ph.D., Saint Francis University
1591. Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins, PhD candidate, University of Washington
1592. Richard Zallen, Professor, Virginia Tech
1593. Dawn Buchan, Teacher of Physics, Governor Livingston High School, NJ
1594. Bebo White, Professor/Department Associate, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
1595. Timothy Stiles, PhD Medical Physics, Associate Professor, Monmouth College
1596. Carol Dorf, Math Teacher, Berkeley High School
1597. Richard Reitman, Mit graduate and retired engineering manager, Retired
1598. Jessie Runnoe, PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
1599. Zachary Gaber, PhD, Francis Crick Institute
1600. Angela Little, PhD, Michigan State University
1601. Joshua McNeur, PhD, Friedrich Alexander University
1602. Kevin McChesney, Masters of Science in Physics, Pickerington High School Central
1603. Stanford Amos, Mr., SOS Consulting
1604. Steven Finkelstein, Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
1605. Emily Thompson, PhD, Insight Data Science
1606. Jennifer Weston, PhD Candidate, Columbia University
1607. Oluwatoyin Asojo, PhD, Houston
1608. Eli Levenson-Falk, PhD, Stanford University
1609. Liz Pollard, Realtor, Keller Williams, San Carlos
1610. Ashley J. Ross, PhD, Ohio State University
1611. R K P Zia, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech
1612. Eliza Kempton, Professor, Grinnell College
1613. Vincent Wrice, Professor, Union County College
1614. Benjamen Paul Bycroft, MS, University of Southern California
1615. Ravi Gupta, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory
1616. Richelle Teeling-Smith, PhD, Marion Technical College
1617. Tiffany Glassman, PhD
1618. Lauren Alsberg, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
1619. Joey Lee, MS, University of British Columbia
1620. Stefano Meschiari, PhD, UT Austin
1621. Katharine Guiles Ellis, MS, MA, Boulder Valley School District
1622. Meredith L. Rawls, PhD candidate, New Mexico State University
1623. Jacques Lipetz, Ph.D, TWC Psychologica Svcs
1624. Lynne Raschke, PhD, The College of St. Scholastica
1625. Abdelrahman Jarada, PhD, the university of arizona
1626. Bethany Reilly, PhD, University of Wisconsin Fox Valley
1627. LaNell Williams, Masters Student, Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters to Ph.D
1628. Sara A. Solla, Professor, Northwestern University
1629. James Lowenthal, Professor of Astronomy, Smith College
1630. Siabhan May-Washington, Ed.D. (Assistant Principal), Pembroke Hill School-Kansas City, Missouri
1631. Madeline Elkins, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
1632. Sam Whitehead, PhD Student, Cornell University
1633. Cyrus Taylor, Albert A. Michelson Professor in Physics \& Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Case Western Reserve University
1634. M. Renee Bellinger, PhD, University of Hawaii
1635. Leo Stein, PhD, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
1636. Rajeswari Kolagani, PhD, Professor of Physics, Towson University
1637. Ashoordin Ashoormaram, MS, University of Arizona
1638. Carol Cihara, Ph.D, USF (ret)
1639. Maurice Champagne, PhD
1640. Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Associate Professor of Physics, Carleton College
1641. Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow, MA, CP., Poet, Certified Paralegal, Emerita.
1642. Adrian Baur, PhD
1643. Karen Hill, PT, Medstar Rehabilitation
1644. Daniel Alt, PhD candidate, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University
1645. Alex Hagen, MS, Pennsylvania State University
1646. Carolyn Greenlee, BS - UW- Madison, Retired
1647. Simon Mochrie, Professor, Yale University
1648. Leslie Upton, PhD
1649. Sharon Xuesong Wang, Penn State University
1650. Mackenzie Barton-Rowledge, Graduate Student, University of Washington
1651. Ana Romero, Electronic Engineer/interpreter/translator, ExactLingua, LLC
1652. Valerie S. Tuck, Senior Coordinator, Academic Rigor, Norfolk Public Schools
1653. Emil Chuck, PhD, Director of Admissions, School of Dental Medicine, Case Western Reserve University
1654. William C. Keel, Professor, University of Alabama
1655. Florence Ackridge, Msw, MA, Retired
1656. Don Anthony Lloyd, PhD, Institute for Defense Analyses
1657. Kendall Mahn, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
1658. Cynthia Correa, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
1659. Gerhardt Meurer, Professor, U. Western Australia (former Johns Hopkins University)
1660. Arjendu K. Pattanayak, Professor of Physics, Carleton College
1661. Samuel Bloom, PhD candidate, mathematics, University of Maryland, College Park
1662. David McAvity, PhD, The Evergreen State College
1663. Mart\'{i}n Hoecker-Mart\'{i}nez, PhD, University of Michigan
1664. Emily Strickland, Student, University of Texas at Austin
1665. Neil Snepp, MS, CGG
1666. Justin Edmondson, PhD, University of Michigan
1667. Larry Gladney, Professor and Associate Dean of Natural Sciences, University of Pennsylvania
1668. Teresa Brecht, MS, Yale University
1669. Trevor LaMountain, PhD Student, Northwestern University
1670. Sara Petty, PhD, Virginia Tech
1671. Cynthia Keeler, PhD, Niels Bohr Institute
1672. James T. Laverty, PhD, Michigan State University
1673. Ed Romano, Scientist/Engineer, Bio-Rad
1674. Sara Daise
1675. Andrea Derdzinski, Graduate Student, Columbia University
1676. Angelle Tanner, PhD, Mississippi State University
1677. Tracy Hodge, Associate Professor, Berea College
1678. James Antonaglia, BS, University of Michigan
1679. Dana Rice, DrPH, Wayne State University School of Medicine
1680. Musa Campbell, Medical Technologist (ASCP), Univ of Cincinnati Medical Center
1681. Jeffrey Berger, Journalist
1682. Barbara A. Walker, MD, MPH
1683. Savannah Garmon, Assistant Professor, Osaka Prefecture University
1684. Anne Medling, PhD, Australian National University
1685. Brian Kruse, MS, Astronomical Society of the Pacific
1686. Amy Graves, Professor, Swarthmore College
1687. Sebastian Fischetti, PhD, Imperial College London
1688. Frank Delph, BA History University of Texas at San Antonio, retired
1689. Jennifer Delgado, PhD, University of Kansas
1690. Sarah "Sam" McKagan, PhD in physics, American Association of Physics Teachers
1691. Marivi Fernandez-Serra, Associate Professor of Physics, Stony Brook University
1692. Debra Murray, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine
1693. Joseph T. Schick, Associate Professor, Villanova University
1694. Wladimir Lyra, Professor of Astrophysics, California State University, Northridge
1695. Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, Professor, Bucknell University
1696. Tom McClintock, University of Arizona
1697. Randy Skaggs, Fine Arts Chairman, St. Joseph School
1698. Kannan Jagannathan, Professor, Amherst College
1699. Erika Hamden, PhD, Caltech
1700. John A McClelland, PhD, Retired, University of Richmond
1701. Vipul Gupta, Mr., UC Berkeley
1702. Thomas M. Caruso
1703. Patrick Zabawa, PhD
1704. Peter Rosenthal, PhD Stanford University
1705. Amy Wareham, Student, BS Biology
1706. Ellen Buettner, Daughter of a physicist who worked on the space shuttle, Keller Williams
1707. Christopher Gottbrath, MS, NVIDIA
1708. Alexander Kemper, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
1709. Hugh Lippincott, Associate Scientist, Fermilab
1710. Azure Hansen, PhD, University of Rochester
1711. Carol Guess, Ph.D., Swarthmore College
1712. James F Prewitt, PhD, Theoretical Nuclear Physics
1713. Logan Henderson
1714. Armin Rest, PhD, Space Telescope Science Institute
1715. Patrice Moorer, Assistant Dean, College of Science \& Engineering, University of West Florida
1716. Zachary A. LaBry, PhD
1717. Merry Dearmon-Moore, R.N.M.S., AZ Community Physicisns
1718. Juliana N.Anyanwu, MD, MPH
1719. Grace Telford, MS, University of Washington
1720. Sabrina Stierwalt, PhD, NRAO
1721. Bob Maltby, President R and D Reflections Inc.c, R and D Reflections
1722. Christopher Orita
1723. Kalle Christiansen, Professor, O'Connell Preparatory Academy
1724. Kevin Black, Professor, Boston University
1725. Sandra B Hadley, Adjunct professor, College of Southern Maryland
1726. Marco Verzocchi, Scientist II, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
1727. Brad Ambrose, PhD, Grand Valley State University
1728. Nicole E. Cabrera Salazar, M.Sc, Georgia State University
1729. Rachel Philippone, MA, LPC, Self-employed
1730. Kathleen Padilla, PhD, New Mexico VAHCS
1731. Morgan MacLeod, PhD candidate, University of California, Santa Cruz
1732. Siddheshwari Advani, Doctoral candidate, UMass Amherst
1733. Shan Swaminathan
1734. Melei Kibrom
1735. Caroline E. Simpson, PhD; Professor of Physics, Florida International University
1736. Margaret Moerchen, PhD, Carnegie Institution for Science
1737. Richa Batra, Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Student, Columbia University
1738. Rod Morison, CTO, Slated Inc.; BS Caltech, Slated Inc
1739. Robert E. E. Maltby IV
1740. Anna Redden, Associate Professor, Acadia University
1741. Grant Larsen, Professor, Principia College
1742. Charles Coleman, PhD, Colorado Academy (retired)
1743. David Teichman, Concerned Citizen
1744. Kamen Todorov, PhD, ETH Zurich
1745. Kevin Fischer, PhD, Stanford University
1746. Donald Ford, MD, MBA, Cleveland Clinic
1747. Arlene Chasek, Ms., Rutgers University
1748. Thereza C L Paiva, Professor, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
1749. Marissa B. Adams, Graduate Student, University of Rochester
1750. Zachary Constan, PhD, Michigan State University
1751. Jose Cuellar, PhD, SFSU
1752. Eric A. Oches, Ph.D., Professor, Bentley University, Waltham, Massachusetts
1753. Paul Goudfrooij, PhD, Space Telescope Science Institute
1754. Saul Aryeh Kohn, MPhys, University of Pennsylvania
1755. Derek Stein, Professor, Brown University
1756. Daniel Kang, Medical Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1757. Jonathan Pober, PhD, Brown University
1758. Mary Wallingford, PhD, University of Washington
1759. Olivia Mello, Graduate Student, Harvard University
1760. Kalina Slavkova, Student, University of Pennsylvania
1761. Randall Bostick, PhD, USAF
1762. Jacqueline Doyle, MS, Florida International University
1763. St\'{e}phane Test\'{e}, Student, Johns Hopkins University
1764. Daniel Foreman-Mackey, PhD, University of Washington
1765. Sarah H Smith, PhD, Providence College
1766. Daniel Cox, Distinguished Professor, University of California, Davis
1767. Angela White, Student, University of Pennsylvania
1768. Robert McNees, PhD, Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago
1769. Jake Turner, MS, University of Virginia
1770. Geoffrey Blake, Professor, California Institute of Technology
1771. Rebecca Harbison, PhD, California Polytechnic State University
1772. Amelious Whyte, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
1773. Jessica Neubauer, Ms., Grant County High School
1774. Marguerite Madden, Professor and Director Ctr. for Geospatial Research, University of Georgia
1775. Martin Weinhous, PhD (Physics)
1776. Andrea Guajardo, MPH, University of the Incarnate Word
1777. Sharon L. Shields, PhD, Professor of Human and Organizational Development and Associate Dean of Professional Education, Vanderbilt University's Peabody College of Education and Human Development
1778. Rachel E. Sapiro, PhD
1779. Amy Rouinfar, PhD, Physics, University of Colorado Boulder
1780. Gaurav Chaudhary, PhD student, University of Texas, Austin
1781. Dr. Chris Purcell, West Virginia University
1782. Josh Veazey, PhD, Grand Valley State University
1783. Dawn Vincent Dumas, RN/BSN
1784. James W. LaMance, Jr., PhD, Aerospace Engineering, Constell, Inc.
1785. N. D. B. Connolly, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University
1786. Michael Regan, PhD, Georgia State University
1787. Molly Shea, PhD, Exploratorium
1788. Ms Frances J Poodry, Director of Physics, Vernier Software \& Technology
1789. Lori Allen, PhD Astronomy, National Optical Astronomy Observatory
1790. Matthew Benacquista, Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
1791. Benjamin Nicholson, PhD student, Cornell University
1792. Warner W. Johnston, Life Senior Member IEEE and past NY Section Chair, Retired
1793. Judith A. Osborn, PhD, retired from college teaching
1794. Allyn French, PhD, Professor, Lakeland College
1795. Olle Heinonen, Materials Scientist
1796. Thomas A. Moore, PhD, Pomona College
1797. Joan D. Warren, MS Ed
1798. Linda Samelson, Ms, Retired educator
1799. Natasha Holmes, PhD, Stanford University
1800. Margaret Gardel, Professor, University of Chicago
1801. Duncan Brown, Charles Brightman Professor of Physics, Syracuse University
1802. Michael A. Miller, PhD, Philips
1803. Kimberly Palladino, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1804. Kay Kinoshita, PhD, Professor and Head, Department of Physics, University of Cincinnati
1805. Kristiana Schneck, PhD, Pandora (formerly SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
1806. Joel C. Corbo, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Colorado Boulder
1807. Bryan Terrazas, MS, University of Michigan
1808. Pamela Lange, Professor, SMU
1809. Sharon K. Goldblatt, Ms., Former founder/owner of Frontier Geosciences Inc. and Studio Geochimica Ltd.
1810. Andrew Gorzen, MS in Applied Mathematics, Western Michigan University
1811. Thomas Devlin, Professor, Rutgers (Emeritus), U. Pennsylvania
1812. Barok Yemane, Student, University of Washington
1813. Tom Pundsack, PhD, Pace Analytical
1814. Edmund Bertschinger, Professor of Physics, MIT
1815. Nebiyou Samuel, 1st Year Medical Student, UC Sandiego School of Medicine
1816. Yuhfen Lin, PhD
1817. Kirsten Tamayo, JD Candidate, CUNY School of Law
1818. John Burk, BS, MS Physics, St. Andrew's Schol, Delaware
1819. Bjorg Larson, PhD, Drew University
1820. Pete McCabe, Resident Dramaturg, HERE Arts Center
1821. Eugenia Zacks-Carney, JD, American Jet Brokers
1822. Nicolas Flagey, PhD, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
1823. Duncan Farrah, PhD, Virginia Tech
1824. Tara Javidi, Professor of Engineering, UC San Diego
1825. Kelly Brittain, PhD, RN, Michigan State University
1826. Sarah Heim, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
1827. Anita Allyn, Professor, The College of New Jersey
1828. Cathleen Fry, PhD candidate, Michigan State University
1829. Carol Marsh, MSW, Retired
1830. Linda Anderson, High School Physics Teacher, Everett Public Schools
1831. Adrienne Leonard, PhD, Marie Curie Fellow, University College London
1832. Yuka Asada, PhD, UIC
1833. Rebekah S Cross, Research Assistant, University of Arizona, Department of Physics
1834. Nicolas B Cowan, Professor, McGill University
1835. Sarah D. Johnson, PhD, Simon Fraser University
1836. Obioma Ohia, PhD, Maryland
1837. Peter Schnatz, The City College of New York
1838. Keaton J. Bell, Astronomer, The University of Texas at Austin
1839. Robert H.Bragg, Professor Emeritus, Universityof California,Berkeley
1840. Jessie Shelton, Assistant Professor, U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign
1841. Robin Toney, Undergraduate Administrative Coordinator, Dept. of Math, University of Pennsylvnai
1842. Jeff Bary, Associate Professor, Colgate
1843. Tiara Diamond, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1844. Katherine Stumpo, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Scranton
1845. Patrick P. Murphy, PhD
1846. Kathy Opachich, PhD Principal Scientist, National Security Technologies
1847. Elena Sabbi, PhD, STScI
1848. Regina Caputo, PhD, UCSC
1849. Julian Aptowitz, HS Physics Teacher, Half Hollow Hills HS West
1850. Geoffrey A. Cordell, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois
1851. John C. Forbes, University of California, Santa Cruz
1852. Janelle Leger, Associate Professor, Western Washington University
1853. Rome Mubarak, Professor of Political Science, Contra Costa College
1854. Ralph Wijers, Professor, University of Amsterdam
1855. Dennis Lo, PhD, County College of Morris
1856. Alma Barranco, PhD, Canadian Space Society
1857. Danielle Gulick, PhD, University of South Florida
1858. Samuel Homiller, BS, Physics, Stony Brook University
1859. Artur Marek Ankowski, PhD, Virginia Tech
1860. Wegene, MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT, Microsoft
1861. Matthew R Hermes, PhD in physical chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1862. Russell Scott Day, Founder of Transcendia, Transcendia
1863. Jenna Ross, Human
1864. Leslie Kerby, Dr., Idaho State University
1865. Ilana Ambrogi, MD, FQHC
1866. Thomas Carroll, PhD, Ursinus College
1867. Robin Slaw, Professor of Biology, Fairleigh Dickinson University
1868. Kristine Larsen, PhD, Central Connecticut State University
1869. Patrick McMaster, Mr, DePalmas Italian Cafes
1870. Sharon Marcus, PhD; Professor of English and Dean of Humanities, Columbia University
1871. Justin Spilker, PhD candidate, University of Arizona
1872. Karen Knierman, PhD, Arizona State University
1873. Miguel Centellas, PhD, University of Mississippi
1874. Kolby Weisenburger, PhD Student, University of Washington
1875. Eric Church, PhD, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1876. Marinos Vouvakis, Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
1877. Carolyn Sutton, Director, Ruby's Academy for Health Occupations
1878. Margaret Piper McNulty, Adjunct Lecturer, De Anza College, Cupertino, CA
1879. K. E. Saavik Ford, Professor, CUNY BMCC
1880. Robyn Levine, PhD, Exeter, UK
1881. Mirah Gary, PhD, Institute for Theoretical Physics, TU Wien
1882. Nance Cedar, BA, Mathematics, Western Michigan University, Albuquerque Public Schools
1883. Craig Keemer, BS Chemistry, Silberline Mfg.
1884. Lucy Archer, BA, MIT
1885. Gwendolyn Pettway, PhD
1886. Onyema Osuagwu, PhD, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
1887. Russell Herman, Professor, Physics and Mathematics, UNC Wilmington
1888. James Bullock, Professor, University of California, Irvine
1889. Daniel Outerbridge
1890. Benjamin L. Alterman, B.A., University of Michigan
1891. Justin Storbeck, PhD, Queens College, CUNY
1892. Mary McDonald, MS, High School High School Mathematics and FIRST Robotics Coach
1893. Karin Sandstrom, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego
1894. Ronda Wery, PhD, Klamath Community College
1895. Joshua Nollenberg, PhD, SUNY College at Oneonta
1896. Lauren Barth-Cohen, Research Assistant Professor, University of Miami
1897. Ian Guinn, MS/PhD student, University of Washington
1898. Eliza Stefaniw, Physics educator and attorney
1899. Michael D. Barnes, Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
1900. Kevin Moore, Visiting Assistant Professor, W.M. Keck Science Dept., Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges
1901. Anton Kazakov, Student, University of Pittsburgh
1902. Anna Phillips, PhD student, Tufts
1903. Julie A Rathbun, Professor, University of Redlands
1904. Adria C. Updike, Assistant Professor of Physics, Roger Williams University
1905. Sara Watt, MS, Glendale Community College, AZ
1906. Alexandre Sousa, Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Cincinnati
1907. Erika Peters, Physics Professor, MiraCosta College
1908. Ian D. Beatty, Associate Professor of Physics, University of North Carolina Greensboro
1909. Lynn Rathbun, PhD, Cornell University
1910. Joseph Grange, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory
1911. Mikki Fuller, MS, Vocational Rehabilitation
1912. Sarah, MS, University of Arizona
1913. Shubha Tewari, Lecturer in Physics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1914. Scott Gianelli, PhD, Hofstra University
1915. Anne-Marie Hoskinson, PhD, ecology, Michigan State University
1916. Judith S Denison, MS, Physics, Univ of Colorado, Retired
1917. Salvador Adame-Zambrano, MD, Memorial Medical Center, Las Cruces, NM
1918. Paloma Orozco Scott, Student, Brown University
1919. Walter E. Daniels, PhD in Physics, University of Maryland (Retired)
1920. Sedona Price, Graduate Student, UC Berkeley
1921. Krista Tweed, PhD, HBM
1922. Maria Christoff, MA, University of Detroit Mercy
1923. Rebecca Daskalova, The Ohio State University
1924. Stephen Hampe, PhD, Walden University
1925. Wendell D. Hall, PhD, University of Maryland, College Park, The College Board
1926. Cary Eggerling, BA, In my mind
1927. Amanda Heiderman, PhD, NSF Astronomy \& Astrophysics Fellow
1928. Walter Sedriks, PhD, BSc, ACGI, C.Eng, Stanford Research Institute (Retired)
1929. Sasha Leaman, DPT graduate student, University of Puget Sound
1930. Elizabeth Agee, BS Physics, University of Michigan
1931. Tim M.P. Tait, Professor, University of California, Irvine
1932. Jason Veal, Siegel High School
1933. Denise Sands Baez, Ms., Lehman College/CUNY
1934. Protik Majumder, Professor of Physics, Williams College
1935. Annette A. Angus, PhD, UC Berkeley
1936. Jane Rigby, Ph.D., (Personal Capacity)
1937. Donald Terndrup, Associate Professor, Ohio State University
1938. Christopher G. De Pree, PhD, Agnes Scott College
1939. Terra Caldwell, MA, teacher, Edendale Middle School, CA
1940. Gerard Marandino, MS, Astronomy, U MD, Retired
1941. Lisa Hiton, Professor, Harvard University
1942. Jayadev Athreya, Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Washington
1943. Brendan Miller, Assistant Professor, College of St. Scholastica
1944. Tammye Mathews, ND, Restored by Tammye Inc.
1945. Tom Ricks, General Contractor
1946. Borislava Bekker, PhD, Hartnell College
1947. Chris Mihos, Professor, Case Western Reserve University
1948. LaTonya Hall, The Computer Scientists, Vahna, Inc.
1949. Jessica Muir, PhD candidate, University of Michigan
1950. Mary Spraggs, Student, WKU
1951. Kendra Letchworth Weaver, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory
1952. Amihan Huesmann, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1953. Julie Rolla, MS Physics, UC Berkeley
1954. Knut Olsen, PhD, NOAO
1955. Danish Haque, MD, Midwestern University
1956. Shibu Mathukutty, MS
1957. Patrick McCarter, MD, PhD candidate, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1958. Maryrose Barrios, Physics Graduate Student, Georgia Institute of Technology
1959. Nicholas Hunt-Walker, MS, University of Washington
1960. Devin Silvia, NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan State University
1961. Roman Kossak, Professor of Mathematics, City University of New York
1962. Tia C. Madkins, PhD candidate, STEM Instructor, UC Berkeley
1963. Juan Manfredi, PhD candidate, Michigan State University
1964. Megan Bang, Associate Professor, University of Washington
1965. Mark Avara, PhD Candidate, University of Maryland
1966. Thomas Gomez, Graduate Student, University of Texas
1967. Owen Marshall, Technical Specialist, BS Physics - Ohio State University, Fermilab
1968. Danielle Orr, MHA, Hospital
1969. Kay Emmert, Lecturer, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
1970. Elizabeth Goldschmidt, PhD, National Institute of Standards and Technology
1971. Ramgopal Mettu, Professor, Tulane University
1972. John Weiss, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics, Saint Martin's University
1973. Michael Falk, Professor of Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
1974. Anna Watts, Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam
1975. Susan Tappero, PhD, Mathematics, Cabrillo College
1976. Aaron Jacks, MS, Houston Heights High School
1977. Colin Fredericks, PhD, Harvard
1978. Jorge Moreno, Professor, Cal Poly Pomona
1979. Kathleen L. Sannicks-Lerner, MEd, School District of Philadelphia
1980. Jim Bosch, PhD, Princeton University
1981. Klaus Pontoppidan, PhD, Space Telescope Science Institute
1982. Kevin Hardegree-Ullman, PhD candidate, University of Toledo
1983. Joel Gordon, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Amherst College
1984. Cameron Hummels, National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech
1985. Natina Brown, DCS
1986. Rodney Sadler, Professor, Union Presbyterian Seminary
1987. Kingsley Durant, Jr., PhD, Durant \& Associates, LLC
1988. Amy Sullivan, PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder
1989. Anton Baleato Lizancos, Student, Columbia University
1990. Daryl Haggard, Professor, McGill University
1991. Chin-Hao Chen, PhD
1992. Megan Saylor, PhD, Vanderbilt University
1993. Katelin Schutz, PhD Student, Berkeley
1994. Gregory A Good, PhD, American Institute of Physics
1995. Eli Parke, Dr., University of California, Los Angeles
1996. Patrick Rodriguez, Fedex Courier
1997. Marissa L. Campbell, Esq., Attorney
1998. Ethan T. Vishniac, Professor, Johns Hopkins University
1999. Laura Daniela Vega, NASA Graduate Fellow, Vanderbilt University
2000. Andrea Egan, MS in Physics, Software Engineer
2001. John M. Perkins
2002. Olgy Gary, M.A., PhD candidate, doctoral student at Regent University
2003. Stephen Swartz, PhD
2004. Claire M Watts, PhD, Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Washington
2005. Jeffrey A Rich, PhD, Caltech
2006. Krishna Chowdary, PhD, Member of the Faculty (Physics \& Math), The Evergreen State College
2007. Brendan P. Bowler, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
2008. Ron Shufflebarger, world citizen, retired furniture artisan
2009. Nuala McCullagh, PhD, Durham University
2010. Florence van Tulder, MSc candidate, Oregon State University
2011. Erin T Woodds, JD
2012. Ev Lunning, Asst. Prof. Theater Arts, St. Edward's University
2013. Oscar Ozuna, Physicist, Rogers Corporation
2014. Bill Taylor, Physics Teacher, retired, Drew School, Westmont HS
2015. Kolja Kauder, PhD, Wayne State
2016. Robert Fairclough, PhD, UC Davis
2017. Colin Patterson, MS, MPA, PhD candidate, Adjunct Instructor, University of Maryland University College European Divison
2018. Christine Waigl, Dipl.-Phys., University of Alaska Fairbanks
2019. James Guillochon, PhD, Harvard
2020. Justin Blair, University of Texas at Austin
2021. Tunde Giwa, CTO, The Juilliard School
2022. Emilie Huffman, PhD Student, Duke University
2023. Emily Pritchett, PhD, HRL Laboratories
2024. Frances Richardson, MS, Prince George's County Memorial Library System
2025. Jonathan Fraine, PhD, University of Arizona
2026. Cady McElheny, Student, Loyola University Chicago
2027. Brian W. Mulligan, PhD candidate in Astrophysics, University of Texas at Austin
2028. Susan Fischer Wilhelm, PhD, M.S.E, State of California, Energu Commission
2029. Jon Jenkons, PhD, NASA Ames Research Center
2030. Sibyl R. Beaulieu, Asst. Professor and Director of Field Education, Brandman University
2031. Guy Ron, Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The George Washington University
2032. David Kawall, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2033. Cassandry Redmond Keys, Former Physics Student, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
2034. Djordje Minic, Professor, Department of Physics, Virginia Tech
2035. Jodi Schwarz, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology, Vassar College
2036. Juliet Ashall, Associate Researcher, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
2037. Jill P. Naiman, PhD, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
2038. Jolene Johnson, PhD, St. Catherine University
2039. Sean P. Hendrick, Associate Professor and Chair of Physics, Millersville University
2040. Joel P. Baumgart, PhD, Fulbright Scholar, Cornell University
2041. Duncan Christie, PhD, University of Florida
2042. Rispba McCray-Garrison, MD, MS, Houston Family Physicians
2043. Reinaldo Mario Machado, PhD Chemical Engineering, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
2044. Michael Murray, Professor, University of Kansas
2045. Mehr Un Nisa, University of Rochester
2046. Lauren Corlies, Graduate Student, Columbia University
2047. Rachel Williams, Energy Specialist, The Weidt Group
2048. Philip Smith, MS, Lone Star College
2049. Mark Horvath, Astronomer
2050. Zuri McClelland, Graduate Student, Illinois Institute of Technology
2051. Justin Dressel, Assistant Professor, Chapman University
2052. Kyle Willett, PhD, University of Minnesota
2053. Christine Black, PhD, Dartmouth College
2054. Bryan Ramson, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan/Fermilab
2055. Richard Brockie, PhD, HGST, a Western Digital company
2056. Beverly Bell, Dr., Small animal private practice
2057. David Klassen, Professor, PhD, Rowan University
2058. Vladimir Airapetian, PhD, NASA GSFC
2059. Linda Jeschofnig, Founder \& Chairman, Hands-On Labs, Inc.
2060. Rahul Oka, PhD, University of Notre Dame
2061. Nicholas Murphy, Dr., Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
2062. Elinor Gates, PhD, UCO/Lick Observatory
2063. Sarah N. Soisson, PhD, Sandia National Laboratories
2064. David Targan, PhD, Brown University
2065. Donna Y. Ford, Professor, Vanderbilt University
2066. Robert A Nendorf, PhD Mathematics, Allstate
2067. Kenneth L. Johnson, Statistician, NASA (representing self and not the U.S. Government))
2068. Katrina Hay, PhD, Associate Professor of Physics, Pacific Lutheran University
2069. Michael C. Weston JD, Vice President and General Counsel (Retired), Northwestern University
2070. Nathalie Brunet, M.Sc.(Chemistry) - Science Teacher, Macdonald Drive Junior High School
2071. Bethany R. Wilcox, PhD, University of Colorado Boulder
2072. Sean Taylor, PhD, Minnesota State University Moorhead
2073. Suzanne Willis, Professor Emerita, Northern Illinois University
2074. Adam Watts, Engineering Physicist, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
2075. Joseph Chatelain, Georgia State University
2076. Ethan A. Romans, Engineer, Aerospace
2077. Christian Wunsch, LCDR (Retired), Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Lab
2078. Dwight Whitaker, PhD Associate Professor of Physics, Pomona College
2079. Soneyet Muhammad, Financial Educator, Nonprofit, Philadelphia
2080. Brian Shuve, Postdoctoral researcher, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
2081. Brian Siana, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Riverside
2082. Trina L. Coleman, PhD, Hampton University
2083. Christopher Rose, Professor of Engineering, Associate Dean of the Faculty, Brown University
2084. Barbara L. Whitten, Professor, Colorado College
2085. Brokk Toggerson, PhD, Lecturer, UMass, Amherst
2086. Alex Barr, Professor, Howard Community College
2087. Brendesha Tynes, PhD, University of Southern California
2088. Steve Feller, Professor of Physics, Coe College
2089. Shawn Westerdale, Princeton University
2090. Zel Fowler, Doctoral Student, University of Phoenix
2091. Tshaka Cunningham, Ph.D., Molecular Biology, George Mason University
2092. Mark Gurwell, Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
2093. Michele Thornley, Professor, Bucknell University
2094. Jeremy Bailin, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama
2095. Carol Hood, Assistant Professor, California State University, San Bernardino
2096. Indara Suarez, PhD, UCSB
2097. Elizabeth Wright, PhD, Penn State University
2098. Justine Jang, Student, MIT
2099. Cassie Reuter, Ph.D. Candidate, Purdue University
2100. Samuel A. Yearout, Radiologic Technologist, Saint Mary's Medical Center, San Francisco
2101. Marie Blatnik, Graduate Student, CALTECH
2102. Elizabeth Boulton, Graudate Student, Yale University
2103. Mary E King, MA, University of Washington
2104. Robert Blum, PhD candidate, Yale University
2105. Thomas F. Haff, AAPT Fellow, Ballard High School
2106. Rebecca Farber
2107. Daniel Rokhsar, Professor, University of California
2108. Shane Mecklenburger, Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2109. Matthew Hogan, MS, Colorado State University
2110. Stephanie Sevigny, Adjunct Instructor, Physics, College of Western Idaho
2111. Douglas T., MS
2112. Emily Quinn Finney, Graduate Student, Astrophysics, University of California, Davis
2113. Steuard Jensen, Associate Professor of Physics and Associate Provost, Alma College
2114. Alex S. Hill, Dr, Haverford College
2115. Meredith Reitz, PhD, US Geological Survey
2116. K. Vlasoff
2117. Tatsu Monkman, Student, Pomona College
2118. Bruce Ballard, Dr., Bronx Charter School for Better Learning
2119. William Thornton, MFA, JP Getty Museum
2120. Susan Haase, Special Education Teacher, Teaneck Public Schools
2121. Nancy Wolk, MS Astronomy and Planetary Sciences, Solidus Techical Solutions
2122. Stephen A. Zelazny, PhD, Stony Brook University
2123. Camellia Moses Okpodu, PhD Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Norfolk State University, Norfolk VA
2124. Kim Coble, Professor of Physics, Chicago State University
2125. Brea Duval, PhD, Novozymes North America
2126. Maraippan Jawaharlal, PhD, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
2127. Elliot Teichman, High School Physics Teacher, Newark, NJ.
2128. Robert H. Romer, Professor, Amherst College
2129. Ayush Gupta, Assistant Research Professor, University of Maryland
2130. Shermane Benjamin, PhD candidate (Physics), Florida State University/ National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
2131. Thomas Crawford, PhD, University of Chicago
2132. Matthew Morris, MS Astrophysics, Johns Hopkins University
2133. Stephanie Barr, Senior Project Engineer, BS Engineering Physics
2134. Terri Major-Kincade, MD, THR Resources/MEDNAX
2135. Christopher M. Nakamura, Assistant of Professor of Physics, Saginaw Valley State University
2136. Sean A. Yeager, MS, University of Portland
2137. Paul Zweifel, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech
2138. Joe Milazzo, MLS, MFA, Southern Methodist University
2139. Connor Gorman, MS, UC Davis
2140. Paul S. Nerenberg, Research Assistant Professor, Caltech
2141. Jacob A. Ketchum, PhD
2142. Dedra Demaree, PhD, Freelance
2143. Wendi Wampler, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering, Central Oregon Community College
2144. Kyle Sheppard, Mr., University of Maryland
2145. Edward Thomas, Professor of Physics, Auburn University
2146. Michael W. Vanni, Chairman Emeritus, JCM Partners, LLC
2147. Jessamyn Fairfield, Research Fellow, Trinity College Dublin
2148. Lina Woo, Advisory Council Member, Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership,
2149. Joseph E. McEwen, PhD candidate, The Ohio State University
2150. Gail Zuniga
2151. Darryl Cannady II, Medical student, University of Miami Miller school of medicine
2152. Takamitsu Tanaka, PhD, Stony Brook University
2153. David Sheffield, PhD candidate, Rutgers University
2154. Tony Sprinkle, BS, Physics, WebAssign
2155. Kevin Satterfield, Attorney, Law Firm
2156. Keith Hawkins, Marshall Scholar, University of Cambridge
2157. Bryan Gaensler, Professor, University of Toronto
2158. Bradford Benson, Professor, University of Chicago
2159. Adrien Thob, MS, Liverpool John Moores University
2160. Roberto Vega, PhD
2161. Katherine J. Mack, PhD, University of Melbourne
2162. H. Lee Sawyer, Professor and Program Director, Physics, Louisiana Tech University
2163. Koissaba B.R. OLe, PhD (ABD), Clemson University
2164. Chelsea Harris, MA Astronomy \& Astrophysics, University of California Berkeley
2165. Taryn Heilman, Graduate student, University of Minnesota
2166. Janet Steinberg, MFA, retired
2167. D. Matthew Coleman, Portfolio Analyst, MSc, MBA, Hedge Fund
2168. Sean Downes, PhD
2169. Seyda Ipek, Postdoc, Fermi National Laboratory
2170. Eilat Glikman, PhD \& Professor, Middlebury College
2171. Catherine Reed, MA in Secondary Physical Science Education, Friends Academy
2172. Gordon Berman, Assistant Professor, Emory University
2173. Kristin M. Block, MS in Planetary Science, Spacecraft Science Engineer, The University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
2174. Saad Zaheer, PhD
2175. Nicholas McConnell, PhD
2176. Julia K Olsen, PhD, University of Arizona
2177. Brandon Bozek, PhD, University of Texas, Austin
2178. John Coxon, Dr, University of Southampton, UK
2179. Anna Rosen, PhD candidate, UCSC
2180. David Caudel, PhD candidate, Physics, Vanderbilt University
2181. Kristi Bradford, Arizona State University
2182. B. Kevin Edgar, PhD, University of Minnesota
2183. Paul J. Heafner, MS, Astronomy/Physics Instructor, Catawba Valley Community College
2184. Samuel Martin, High School Physics/Astronomy Teacher
2185. Walter Tangarife, PhD, UT Austin and Tel Aviv University
2186. Ira Holston, Math and CS Teacher, MS Geology, Berkeley High School
2187. Anne Vazquez, PhD
2188. Sasha Shirman, PhD student, UC San Diego
2189. Abra Alahouzos, Montessori Early Childhood Educator, Oneness Family School
2190. Theresa Watson, Analyst Administration, Field of Finance
2191. Adrian Meza, BS Aerospace Engineering, Synergy Academies: K-12 Teacher
2192. Njema J. Frazier, Nuclear Physicist, US Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration
2193. Daniel Wolf, BSc
2194. Kira Gould
2195. Alain Brizard, Professor of Physics, Saint Michael's College
2196. Zoe Van Hoover, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
2197. Elena Long, PhD, University of New Hampshire
2198. Tyler J Hayden, PhD candidate, University of Arizona
2199. Deborah Levine, PhD, Glendale Community College
2200. Sherman Ragland, MBA, CCIM
2201. Alicia Aarnio, Assistant Research Scientist, University of Michigan
2202. Steven Gourrier, Principal, South Early College High School
2203. Katherine Silkaitis, Harvard School of Public Health
2204. Meenakshi Narain, Professor, Brown University
2205. Mark Schueler, PhD
2206. John Konopak, PhD, (Retired: Formerly LSU and UofOkla)
2207. Vassiliy Lubchenko, Assoc. Professor, University of Houston
2208. Scott Collier, PhD student, Harvard University
2209. David Drucker, BS, IATSE local 720
2210. Russell Scarola, MS, MA, Professor, Sonoma State University
2211. Brandon M. Peden, Dr., Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Western Washington University, Bellingham WA
2212. Natalia Antrobus, NYC legal fund
2213. Donald Smith, Associate Professor, Guilford College
2214. Dawn Anderson, Teacher, Public schools
2215. Julie Mitchell, Professor, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2216. Arlene Maclin, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Physics and Exec. Director, MACCAE Program, Morgan State University
2217. Clifford V. Johnson, Professor of Physics, University of Southern California
2218. Andrea Chen, MEd, Propeller: a force for social innovation
2219. David Mortimer, Teacher of Mathematics and Science, Bank Street School for Children
2220. Benjamin Vollmayr-Lee, Associate Professor of Physics, Bucknell University
2221. Lavi Blumberg, BS. and PhD student, Stanford University
2222. Henry Prager, Graduate Student, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech)
2223. Howard L. Davidson, PhD, Facebook
2224. Peter Gray Friedman, PhD, Project Scientist on NASA GALEX satellite mission, Caltech, retired
2225. Mechie Nkengla, PhD
2226. Dr. Vicky Scowcroft, Carnegie Observatories
2227. Joel Green, PhD, STScI
2228. Nicholas B. Schade, PhD, University of Chicago
2229. Brian Crow, Physics Student, Middle Tennessee State University
2230. Guy G. Marcus, Graduate Research Fellow, Institute for Quantum Matter, Johns Hopkins University
2231. Dr. Gustavo del Castillo, Dr. Political Science, Univ of San Diego
2232. Khalida S. Hendricks, Graduate Fellow, Department of Physics, The Ohio State University
2233. Joan Pachner, PhD, Museum of Modern Art
2234. Kjiersten Fagnan, PhD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2235. Nancy Vincent Zinke, retired RN/BSN/PHN
2236. Frank Roeske, PhD, Lawrence Livermore National Security (ret)
2237. Martin Elvis, PhD, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
2238. Geoffrey Mathews, PhD, University of Hawaii
2239. Dallas Trinkle, Professor of materials science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
2240. Jeremy D. Secaur, High School physics teacher
2241. Joshua H. Gordis, Professor
2242. Isaac Hall, PhD, STAR Geophysics
2243. Emily McLinden, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
2244. Robert Minchin, PhD, Arecibo Observatory
2245. Alexander J. Smith, PhD candidate, Northwestern University
2246. Anna Zaniewski, PhD, Arizona State University
2247. Elizabeth Wehner, PhD
2248. Patricia Rolen, MA, MUMC
2249. Stacy Palen, Full Professor, Physics, Weber State University
2250. Kenneth Varner, PhD, Louisiana State University
2251. Allen H. Williams, Retired
2252. Robin Bjorkquist, Graduate Student, Cornell University
2253. Robin B. Goodloe, PhD, US Fish and Wildlife Service
2254. Tabetha Hole, Professor, Norwich University
2255. Markus Diefenthaler, PhD, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
2256. Stephen S. Eikenberry, Professor, University of Florida
2257. Gina Passante, Assistant Professor, California State University Fullerton
2258. Paul C. Bloom, Associate Professor of Physics, North Central College
2259. Delilah Gates, Harvard University
2260. Ram\'{o}n S. Barthelemy, PhD, S\&T Policy Fellow
2261. Rachel Paterno-Mahler, PhD, University of Michigan
2262. Daniel Mortlock, lecturer, Imperial College London
2263. Michael Moum, Civil Engineer and concerned citizen
2264. Julia Fisher, PhD
2265. Eric Hazlett, Assistant professor, Carleton College
2266. Paolo Turri, PhD student, University of Victoria
2267. Edward Schwieterman, MS, University of Washington
2268. Jessica Kirkpatrick, PhD, Hired
2269. Daniel Cebra, Professor, University of California, Davis
2270. Iris Shiver, M.B.A.
2271. Anita Bowman, MS Bioinformatics, University of Pennsylvania
2272. Roxanne Moore, PhD Student, Washington State University
2273. Claudia Lagos, Assistant Professor, University of Western Australia
2274. Adam Becker, PhD, Freelance
2275. Alexis Knaub, Postdoc, Western Michigan University
2276. Gregory F. Snyder, PhD
2277. Evan Schneider, MS, University of Arizona
2278. Amy Gonzalez, MS, Field of Education Technology (Physics)
2279. Dominique Segura-Cox, University of Illinois
2280. Mathew Madhavacheril, Stony Brook University
2281. Crystal Bailey, Careers Program Manager, American Physical Society
2282. William Dirienzo, Professor, University of Wisconsin Colleges
2283. William Parkin, PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania
2284. Nicole J Moore, PhD, Gonzaga University
2285. Philip Bull, DPhil FRAS, JPL/Caltech
2286. Bradley M. Peterson, Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University
2287. Peter Wittich, Associate Professor, Cornell University
2288. Anne M. Brennan, PhD, retired, Columbia University
2289. Arlo Weil, Professor of Geology, Bryn Mawr College
2290. Andrea Liu, Hepburn Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania
2291. Anne Metevier, PhD, Sonoma State University
2292. Jennifer Kirby, MBA, Merrill Lynch
2293. Luke Walker Goetzke, PhD, Columbia University
2294. Ben Sugerman, Associate Professor and Chair, Goucher College
2295. William Mayer, Mr, City College of New York
2296. Lasse Pommerenke, Institut für angewandte Futuristik
2297. Rebecca Roycroft, Graduate Student, University of Texas Austin
2298. Mary Arnold, Ms, retired case manager
2299. James Stankevitz, Physics teacher, Wheaton Warrenville South High School
2300. Kevin Freymiller, Reed College
2301. Suchitra Sebastian, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Cambridge
2302. Jure Zupan, Prof. Dr., U. Cincinnati
2303. Christopher A. Hoffmann, MS, Manager of Educational Laboratories, Western Michigan University
2304. Susan Shadle, PhD, Professor, Boise State University
2305. Janaki Krishnamoorthy, PhD, NY State DOH
2306. John N Nishio, Professor, California State University, Chico
2307. Sean Larsen, PhD Mathematics, Portland State University
2308. Adam Martin, Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
2309. Paul Scowen, Professor, Arizona State University
2310. Stephanie Daniels, MEd, Texas State University
2311. Bob Moss, Faculty Emeritus, UC San Diego
2312. Chandra Turpen, PhD, Research Associate, University of Maryland, College Prk
2313. Danielle Sipple, Student, Anoka-Ramsey Community College
2314. Fawn Huisman, PhD, Intel Corp
2315. Cristian Heredia, PhD candidate, University of California, Davis
2316. Clayton F. Gardinier, PhD, Unemployed
2317. Baruti N. Kopano, Ph.D., Morgan State University
2318. John Morgan, PhD
2319. Yonatan Zunger, PhD, Google, Inc.
2320. Cyndie Beacham, IT Professional, IBM/ATT
2321. Matthew C. Patterson, PhD, Louisiana State University
2322. Charlie Doret, Assistant Professor, Williams College
2323. John R. Royer, PhD, NIST
2324. Wouter Deconinck, Assistant Professor, College of William \& Mary
2325. Sean Chilelli, Engineering BS, UC Berkeley
2326. Ian Roederer, PhD, University of Michigan
2327. Anika Joseph-Smith, PhD, Grifols Diagnostic Systems
2328. Maximilian H Abitbol, Graduate Student, Columbia University
2329. Paul Eichhorn, BS Economics, Retired.
2330. Scott Schneider, PhD, Lawrence Technological University
2331. Will Parker, PhD, University of Maryland
2332. Emmanuel Grotheer, MS, University of Texas at San Antonio
2333. Charles Buchanan, Professor Emeritus, UCLA
2334. Jonathan Bougie, Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago
2335. H. Daniel Ou-Yang, Professor, Lehigh University
2336. Anne Leary Skenzich, MA, MBA, PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota, School of Public Health
2337. Alan C. Brodrick, Artist, Lancaster , Co. Pa.
2338. Andrew Blain, Professor, University of Leicester
2339. Joyce Lang, Educator, Blair Academy
2340. Sara Freedman, Ed.D.
2341. Kurt Brendlinger, MS, University of Pennsylvania
2342. Farzad Faramarzi, BSc, San Francisco state university
2343. Manuel Alejandro Olmedo Negrete, PhD candidate, University of California Riverside
2344. Britt Lundgren, PhD, American Association for the Advancement of Science
2345. Leigh Schaefer, PhD student, University of Pennsylvania
2346. Elizabeth Hanna, Developmental Psychology, PhD, Retired
2347. Randolf Klein, PhD, NASA Ames
2348. Susan Hans, Ph.D., Self-employed
2349. Jonathan Curtis, Mr., University of Rochester
2350. Dr. Thomas Brantseg, Iowa State University
2351. Rosalie M Romano, PhD, Western Washington University
2352. Kevin P. Davis, PhD
2353. Adam Burgasser, Professor of Physics, UC San Diego
2354. Kevin McLin, PhD, Sonoma State University
2355. Mike Moran, MS, University of Notre Dame
2356. Alex Krolewski, Grad Student, UC Berkeley
2357. Paul Schulze, PhD Physics, Professor Emeritus Abilene ChristianUniverstity
2358. Asad Aboobaker, PhD, NASA-JPL
2359. Michael Macmillan, MS, MIT
2360. Lilah G, Casa Myrna Vazquez, Inc.
2361. Melissa Gresalfi, PhD, Vanderbilt University
2362. Herbert Watson, Professor, New York University
2363. Kris McDaniel-Miccio, Professor, Univerisity of Denver, Sturm College of Law
2364. Annie Selden, PhD, New Mexico State University
2365. Peter Edmonds, PhD, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
2366. Masao Sako, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
2367. Michael Chini, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
2368. Christina C. Williams, PhD, University of Arizona
2369. Sarah Schlotter, Harvard University
2370. Daniel Ucko, PhD, American Physical Society
2371. Larissa J. Estes, DrPH, Walden University; Texas Tech University School of Nursing; Prevention Institute
2372. Constance Walter
2373. Nathan Joel Goldschmidt, PhD, Stay True Philadelphia
2374. Katarina Cicak, Physicist, National Institute of Science and Technology
2375. Patricia Juarez, Professor / Analyst, Calpulli Huey Papalotl / UC Berkeley
2376. Brian Good, PhD, NASA Glenn Research Center
2377. Megan Comins, PhD, Industry
2378. Peter Frinchaboy, Associate Professor, Texas Christian University
2379. Heshan "Grasshopper" Illangkoon, PhD, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science \& The Grasshopper Group
2380. Willard Williams Jr.,, Registered Architect, Rutledge Maul Architects
2381. Blake C. Stacey, PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston
2382. Matt Young, Boston University
2383. Tim Andeen, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin
2384. Brent Barker, Professor, Roosevelt University
2385. Dario Arena, Associate Professor, University of South Florida
2386. Alexander Madden, Rochester Institute of Technology
2387. Bryan Hilbert, MS, Space Telescope Science Institute
2388. Gianfausto dell'Antonio, professor, SISSA-ISAS
2389. Joseph Barranco, Professor, San Francisco State University
2390. Sarah Wesolowski, Graduate Student, The Ohio State University
2391. Sharon Persinger, Dr., Bronx Community College of the City University of New York
2392. Kate Shaw, PhD, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)
2393. Jami Valentine, PhD
2394. Hilary Hurst, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Maryland
2395. Zoe Ann Brown, PhD, Retired
2396. Jeffrey Jorge, MEd, edX
2397. Marlee Chong, Harvard University
2398. Jeremy Ahouse, PhD, Biophysics \& Immunology
2399. Aaron Godfrey, MSc, Federal Defense Contractor
2400. Andre de Gouvea, Professor, Northwestern University
2401. Stefano Profumo, Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
2402. Kevin R. Covey, Asst. Prof., Western Washington Univ.
2403. Berenice Garcia, Physics Undergrad Studet, UC Berkeley
2404. DeShawna Williams, QMHS, The Children's Home of Cincinnati
2405. Jay Baltisberger, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Berea College
2406. Andrea Cardinal, MFA, University of Michigan
2407. Michael Lerner, Ed.M., Beachwood High School
2408. Simon Kheifets, PhD, Harvard University
2409. Brandon Hensley, PhD, JPL/Caltech
2410. Amy L. Magnus, Research Assistant Professor of Engineering Physics, Air Force Institute of Technology
2411. Joshua Bridger, High School Physics/Astronomy teacher
2412. Casey Berger, Graduate Student, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2413. Tony Li, Graduate Student, Stanford University
2414. Ronald J. Sheehy, PhD, Retired molecular biologist
2415. Cindy Harnett, PhD, University of Louisville
2416. Aparna Baskaran, Assistant Professor, Brandeis University
2417. Gail Olabisi, MD
2418. Tere Williams, MS Biomedical Science, PhD candidate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
2419. Tracy D. Berman, PhD, University of Michigan
2420. Ralph Romero, Undergrad, Virginia Tech
2421. Nancy Rivera, MS, MD Candidate, University of California, Davis School of Medicine
2422. Justin Shaw, PhD, Emory University
2423. Jose Ricardo Correa, Ph.D, Austin Community College
2424. Kevin Liao, Student of Computer Science, Haverford College
2425. Paul M. Amy, Graduate Research Fellow, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2426. Vivian U, BS, Mechanical Engineering; JD, UC Riverside
2427. Lionel Johnnes, B.A., Physics, Washington University in St. Louis
2428. Sidney Vetens, Reed College
2429. Benjamin Tippett, PhD, UBC
2430. Arthur B. Powell, PhD, Rutgers University
2431. Maria Womack, Professor, University of South Florida
2432. Tiffany Simon, PhD, Sam Houston State University
2433. Max Liboiron, PhD, Memorial University of Newfoundland
2434. Danny Kim, student, UC Berkeley
2435. Denis Erkal, Phd, University of Cambridge
2436. Rami Vanguri, PhD, Columbia University
2437. Ana Larson, PhD, University of Washington
2438. Elena Higuchi, MD Candidate, University of California San Diego School of Medicine
2439. Kristina Carswell, MD, assistant clinical professor, University of Florida
2440. Michael Johnson, Applied \& Engineering Physics, Cornell; MBA, Stanford
2441. Maarten Golterman, professor and chair, San Francisco State University
2442. Tiffany Cochran, BS, MHA, and current MD student, Morehouse School of Medicine
2443. Dr. Javier del Castillo, Dr. Gynological Medicine, Harlingen, Tx
2444. David Ferguson, Physicist, Northrop Grumman Advanced Technology Laboratory
2445. Dr. Tony Roark, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Boise State University
2446. Erica Batson, BS- Biology, Pharmaceutical Research
2447. Worokya Duncan, EdD, Director of Diversity, The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine
2448. Erin Lee Ryan, PhD, University of Maryland
2449. Elizabeth Tompkins-Lindauer, BS, Schneider Electric
2450. Robert Bluhm, Professor of Physics, Colby College
2451. Hugo Guerrero-Cazares, MD PhD, Johns Hopkins University
2452. Luke Mastalli-Kelly, PhD candidate and College Trustee, University of Houston, Harvey Mudd College
2453. Rachel Worth, MS, Penn State
2454. Steven J Sweeney, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physics, DeSales University
2455. Melissa Dancy, PhD, University of Colorado
2456. Robert Hobbs, Tenured Faculty, Belleveue College
2457. Massimo Marengo, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Iowa State University
2458. Manuel Paul Pe\~{n}a, Ed.D, Science Special Edication Resource Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools
2459. Sara Callori, Assistant Professor, California State University, San Bernardino
2460. Shawn Staudaher, PhD Candidate, University of Wyoming
2461. Laura Lopez, Professor, The Ohio State University
2462. Elizabeth Dresselhaus, Undergraduate Student, University of Pennsylvania
2463. Weigang Liu, BS in Physics, University of Michigan